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Tailgate Sponsorship Opportunities Available

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If you or your business would like to sponsor a tailgate this season please PM me if interested. We have been fortunate enough to have the last 61 sponsored. Sponsorships allow us the opportunity to purchase supplies and have all the food and non-alcoholic drinks available for tailgating. We provide a place for folks on the website and their friends to tailgate under tents for which there is no charge.

This allows people to show up and partake without going through the expense, time, and energy of doing their own tailgating if they so choose. Providing this makes gameday easy for many people.

The sponsorship pays for everything at the tailgate, and there is a donation bucket there that people donate to for a year end Toys for Tots drive at the stadium in December. Because of sponsorships, 100% of the money that goes into the bucket is used on purchasing bicycles for needy children in the area. To date over $20,000 has been raised and over 600 bikes have been donated.

For your sponsorship, we will promote your business at the tailgate and on the website during the week of the tailgate you sponsor. Your money will make gameday easier for many fans, help raise money for charity, and allow you to promote your business as well.

Tailgates Available:

9/3 Steelers---Sold---Carolina Dental

9/18 Green Bay---Sold---Ranucci's Big Butt BBQ

9/25 Jaguars--$250---Sold Madhatter

10/9 New Orleans---Sold---Ranucci's Big Butt BBQ

10/23 Redskins--$250---Sold---Zod

10/30 Minnesota--$250---Sold Carolina Dental

11/13 Tennessee--Sold---Bo In Monroe

12/11 Falcons--$250 Sold 5158 Poundin/Inimicus

12/24 Tampa Bay--$250--MADCAT

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We can ask.....prolly at minimum could get the food from him and prepare it there.

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