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Impact of Free Agents This Year

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I think you can, it just doesn't happen often. Look at the Bears, they're TERRIBLE at drafting and typically rely on FA. Last year aside, the last time they did anything in the postseason they had Rivera coaching their defense to #2 ranking with more or less their own guys. Dallas is a good recent example too.

On the flip side, the Eagles often have a lot of guys starting that they didn't draft and they often do decent in the postseason, just no trophies.

up until this year, MAJORITY of the Eagles teams has always been draft picks.. minus 1 or 2 here and there.. their entire defense was full of their draft picks, minus Asante Samuel, and majority of their offense as well, minus Vick & TO...

and maybe I'm forgetting 1 or 2 others that I can't think of.. but their team certainly hasn't been stacked with FAs.

also, you can make the playoffs through FA acquisition, however, I fully disagree you can on a consistent basis.. the Cap becomes a huge issue if that is a team's true philosophy.. and based on the Redskins example, Chemistry as well..

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We develop our own talent, unlike the Failcons and Eagles. And we have been pretty darn good at it, Eagles add all those FA's and expect them to have chemistry?

yeah, let's see how that works out.

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What is going on in Philly is trying to prove one last time that Reid is worth a damn.

No question he can coach an offense, but they have had some stacked teams in his tenure and can't seem to win the big one. A lot of other teams with much less talent have won Superbowls.

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