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If TRD charted Big Ben's game last night the same way he did Cam

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If TRD charted Big Ben's game yesterday the way he did Cam Newton it would have been charted like this:

In best TRD voice:famous-dogs-droopy-21538385.gif

Ben to Heath Miller: was behind him, if throw was accurate would have been at least 15 yard gain instead threw it low and didn't lead him him so only 10 yard gain. Left a lot of yardage on the field on that play

Incomplete to David Johnson: Tried to throw the ball to David Johnson who was wide open instead massively under threw him hitting a linebacker in the back of his jersey. Terrible throw. No NFL QB would make a throw like that. Just terrible.

Incomplete to Antonio Brown: A quick WR screen pass and Ben throws it 110mph and above Brown's head; Brown has no chance to catch it and almost gets killed because of Big Ben on what should have been an easy throw for an NFL QB.

3rd and 20: Held the ball way too long, didn't throw the ball, was sacked but was bailed out with a facemask penalty.

Pass to Isaac Redman: Screen pass

Incomplete to Mike Wallace: Quick hitch but Ben missed receiver by ten feet and nearly throws it out of bounds. Receiver has to make an incredible play just to get one hand on it. Again no NFL QB misses that throw. Terrible accuracy. Terrible, terrible, terrible. *smh*

Completion to Battle: Held the ball way too long. In regular season would have been sacked. Even though he had no real pressure on him he threw the ball high and receiver had to make an incredible play just to catch it. Give the credit to Battle for a great catch on poorly thrown ball.

Completion to Mendenhall: Screen pass.

Completion for TD Antonio Brown: busted coverage receiver was wide open. Receivers are never wide open in the NFL so doesn't really matter. Like I said about Cam in college him passing to wide open receivers doesn't count/matter because that never happens in the NFL.

TRD's Analysis: Ben didn't make one good throw unless you count the one to a wide open receiver. His accuracy is completely terrible, missing wide open receivers by large margins and hitting defenders with his passes in the middle of their backs. He will never be an NFL QB. If I were the Steelers I would trade two first round picks for someone like Matt Moore. With Matt Moore at QB Pittsburgh might be a contender this year. But from what I saw of Ben Roethlisberger he will never be an NFL QB, let alone the type of guy that could EVER win a Super Bowl.

And for those who just say I am trolling because I am a Ben Roethlisberger hater, it's sad you consider a true analysis of his game instead of some rainbow filled "he played fine because the Steelers got a TD" trolling.

He looked bad. Missed a ton of open guys, took points off the board, etc.

He threw zero good balls.

People know how much of a risk he is and they feel that if they read the truth online and don't defend it, it'll come true so they blast the truth in hopes of others not seeing it when the whole world is sitting back and scratching their head at that performance when other Qbs came out and played light years better.

End TRD's voice.famous-dogs-droopy-21538385.gif

:biggrinjester: :dupe:

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Problem is I don't care about Big Ben, he's not our QB.

Funny how people are so afraid of the analysis they take it to extremes to try and discredit it instead of focusing on the content.

Trying to mock me won't make Cam a better QB.

You better get ready for another thread from me tomorrow afternoon or Sunday as well.

Go get your wet wipes.

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To be fair, Big Ben is one of the most overrated QBs in the history of the NFL

F$$%#$##@# I was about to type you were going to say that and couldn't do it quick enough!!!

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So a mod calls this a good thread when it's clearly trolling yet I get warned for trolling when I post honest analysis of players on our own team?

Should have an internal investigation by an administrator and look at putting the mod on probation.

This type of behavior shouldn't be encouraged here at the Huddle. Wrong forum, clearly trolling, yet encouraged by a representative of CarolinaHuddle.com

Sad day

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