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Victims Of Miami Booster's Ponzi scheme could sue players who received Benefits.

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Exactly! Was going to post this very same thing...

Nothing will come of this. Beason and the others would only have to repay victims if they knew the money's true source and, even then, a good NFL lawyer could probably get them out of that too.

It's a move that the plaintiffs lawyers are pretty much obligated to invistaget and look into on be half of their clients. This is typical protocal.

But like SMF said 0 will come of this. They would have to prove that the players should have known that is was very likely that the fraud was going on... This is usually reserved for very smart investors who have the financial knowledge to and information to know something was going on.... clearly that does not apply to these players.

And as for the NFL suspending these guys, that's the most goddamned idiotic thing I've ever heard. This would be like your current employer disciplining you for something you did while working somewhere else years ago. What business is it of theirs and why should they care if you'd been a model employee at your time with your current employer?

I agree 100%.... Like my job telling me they found out I was drinking underage in college, so they are going to send me home for a month without pay... yea okay!

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I think you would have to prove that the players who received the benefits were co-conspirators in the ponzi scheme... good luck with that.

My point exactly... That's exactly what I said last week when this knuckle head initially brought this up

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This. And why should they? None of this involves the NFL in any way.

T Pryor 5 game suspension is proof that the NFL cares what you did in College

coaches are being held responsible now it seems according to NY Times

The N.C.A.A. said Wednesday that it wanted to send a clear message by handing Bruce Pearl, the former Tennessee basketball coach, a three-year show-cause penalty: Coaches are responsible for their programs.

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Pryor's suspension is proof that Goodell is willing to throw the occasional bone to his league's free farm system.

The NFLPA is pressuring Pryor to appeal because they're afraid of the possible precedent being set.

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