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good night for Bobcats,and we didnt even play..

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the Nets lost to the Warriors and the Bulls lost to the Magic..

8.Bucks 30-37 PCT.448

Bulls 29-36 PCT.446

Nets 28-36 PCT.438

Charlotte 28-36 PCT.438

Tomorrow we play the Rockets in Charlotte.. if we want to make the playoffs we have to win this one.. we showed that we could hang with the Spurs, now we have to show we can close out games too..

the Bulls are in Philly.. hopefully Philly will have a 'good' night and show up..

the Nets are in Portland.. this should be a fairly easy Trailblazer win..

the Bucks play the Hornets.. this should be a fairly easy NO win..

so after Friday, if everything goes well, the playoff run should look like this..

8.Charlotte 29-36 PCT.446

Bucks 30-38 PCT.441

Bulls 29-37 PCT.439

Nets 28-37 PCT.431

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I wouldn't call the next game vs. Houston a must win. Our next eight after that are all against teams with losing records, then the Lakers come to town at the end of the month.

Going 7-3 the rest of March should easily be enough to keep us at the #8 spot.

The key is trying to move up to #7 or maybe even #6. The entire remaining schedule is very favorable for them to go 14-4 the rest of the way if they can keep up the same intensity and stay healthy.

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I agree. 8th is not where we want to be. We should be hoping to get into 7th or 6th. We do not want to play the Cavs first round. Boston would be a much better match up.

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I would prefer Boston myself, we match up much better against Boston in a series then Cleavland.

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Playing consistently well in the Eastern conference is a rarity, so if we continue to, we will fly up the standings.

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    • Destiny really fuged me in terms of me playing other games. I have a week off this summer and maybe I will be able to dive back in, but I'd really like to finish Breath of the Wild too.  Witcher is so much fun, but iirc I'm kind of at a point where all my quests are a much higher level than me (like 30s and I'm a 15 or something). I probably need to back track and pick up a bunch of side quests that are manageable to boost my level some.    I like the Witcher's lore better than Skyrim, but I still think Skyrim is a more appealing game to me just because you can casually pick it up and start dominating. Witcher is more rewarding but takes more time. 
    • No way would I consider CAP a lock to make the roster. In fact, I think he may be on the outside looking in at the moment. But, the stats bear out that he was roughly equal to Stew in effectiveness last year. Stew averaged 3.78ypc and a TD once every 24 carries. CAP averaged 4ypc and a TD once every 18 carries. Hell, it may be generous saying that Stew was equal to CAP in effectiveness last year. I think a lot of Panthers fans suffer from nostalgia when looking at Stew. I still think he's a decent RB, but to hear some Panthers fans talk you'd think that the guy was a future HOFer. I feel like most of us (myself and the front office and coaching staff included) have perpetually overvalued Jonathan Stewart.
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