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Are we headed back into the Luck sweepstakes?

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You sure about that?

I seriously believe the Huddle needs to wake up and catch up. Maybe you guys are still in shock and pre-season mode. We're 3 weeks in. Things HAVE changed!

And yes I know what the article says, but the headline says it all as far as what "everyone's" perception is. The headlines have not been about Luck recently. They have been more about Cam.

The entire NFL writing league is trying to figure out some way to make a reference to Cam Newton in whatever they are talking about.

"Today Brady threw for a zillion yards....to keep up with Cam Newton."

"GB's Collins was out on a play where Cam Newton threw the ball to"

"The Jets blew out the Jags...who will be playing Cam Newton..."

"On an unrelated note, the Giants were not as fun to watch last night as Cam Newton...."

This is what I'm seeing.

Sadly, our media is now running on overkill with Cam Newton. Trying to get Cam's name into every story for web hits...

To bad we can't go back to the days when the most talked about athlete in the NFL at the time was a guy name Dieon Sanders. He actually made Ocho look like a catholic school boy. Back then, the NFl players fought for the media's attention. Today the run from them because of the desparation to turn everything these athletes do into a story at nausaum.

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Andrew Luck is going to make Ryan Leaf look like Peyton Manning. Mark my words. Well, maybe not, but he had better be able to throw for 500 yards a game and turn water into triple hops brewed Miller Lite by the time he gets to the NFL after all this hype.

So if the many gifs with all women's boobs and what nots didn't convince me that this was a male dominated site, that comment did the trick..LMAO:biggrin:

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when we drafted Cam Newton, we got out of the Luck sweepstakes, EVEN if we get the top pick we still PASS on Luck and the only way we dont keep the pick is if someone offers us a pick and/or a player for him. for example if say a team offered us a 2nd WR and a first round pick just to get Luck we would accept that, but if we cant trade the pick, Luck will NOT be a Panther, they will pass and go with a WR despite ALL the risks. Smith (if i am right) is a free agent and even if he wasnt or isnt a free agent or if he stays, they STILL need another WR and an Alshon Jeffery with Newton will only make Newton that much better than he is and that's scary.

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