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Cam Newton vs Other QBs posters wanted (first 3 games)

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Cam Newton

Pro Experience Before Season (PEBS): 0 games

Team Record: 1-2

Passing Yards: 1,012 (8.6 avg)

Passer Rating: 85.1

Rushing: 98 yards

Total TDs scored: 6

Season High Point: Leading first career 4th Q winning drive vs. the Jaguars

Season Low Point: Turning the ball over 3 times against the SB Champion Packers

Donovan McNabb

PEBS: 12 yr vet with 100+ starts, many starts in post season, SB appearance, etc.

Team Record: 0-3

Passing Yards: 478 (5.9 avg)

Passer Rating: 78.1

Rushing: 55 yards

Total TDs scored: 2

Season High Point: Leading game-tying drive in 4th quarter against the lions

Season Low Point: His abysmal performance against the Chargers, going 7-15 for 39 yards

Kevin Kolb

PEBS: 4 year vet with 7 starts

Team Record: 1-2

Passing Yards: 812 (8.5 avg)

Passer Rating: 93.8

Rushing: 15 yards

Total TDs scored: 5

Season High Point: Hai iz jeff king i iz wide open i can haz ball?

Season Low Point: Playing like poo against the seahawks defense

Kyle Orton

PEBS: 6 year vet with 61 starts

Team Record: 1-2

Passing Yards: 672 (6.1 avg)

Passer Rating: 79.1

Rushing: 11 yards

Total TDs scored: 5

Season High Point: Touchdown to Eric Decker to secure a large enough lead

even the Broncos defense can hold on to.

Season Low Point: The volley of fan disapproval after week 1's disappointing performance, to the point where even the backup QB they were clamoring for Denver to start had to defend him in front of the media.

Kerry Collins

PEBS: He's been in the league like forever

Team Record: 0-3

Passing Yards: 481 (4.9 avg)

Passer Rating: 65.9

Rushing: 2.75 inches (gross)

Total TDs Scored: 2

Season High Point: Not looking like the most inept QB for part of the Steelers/Colts sunday night game

Season Low Point: Getting knocked out of the game, allowing Curtis Painter to come in and play well enough to spur a QB controversy. Painter might get the nod to start next week since Collins is a dinosaur

Billy Volek

PEBS: With 11 years of experience and only 10 regular season starts, he is the quintessential backup QB

Team Record: 2-1

Passing Yards: 0

Passer Rating: 0.0

Rushing: 0 yards

Total TDs Scored: 4 if you count paper football in the lunch room

Season High Point: Just being backup to one of the best QBs in the league

Season Low Point: Any introspective moment he has on the sidelines thinking what he could've done differently to make a more prestigious career than what he ended up with

Blaine Gabbert aka the only other guy i was open minded to us picking

PEBS: Rookie

Team Record: 1-2

Passing Yards: 191 (7.1 avg)

Passer Rating: 80.9

Rushing: 3 yards

Total TDs Scored: 1

Season High Point: TD pass against prevent D at the end of the 2nd q against the Panthers

Season Low Point: could not for the life of him get a grip on the ball in the same game

Caleb Hanie (lol Cyberjag)

PEBS: 3 year "vet" who appeared mostly in garbage time for chicago. had playoff appearance against Green Bay after Jay Cutler pussied out in the third Q, and predictably got his ass kicked.

Team Record: 1-2

Passing Yards: 0 (0.0 avg)

Passer Rating: 0.0

Rushing: 0 yards

Total TDs Scored: 0

Season High Point: Leading scoring drives 2 consecutive times while starting the 4th preseason game against the Browns, securing that oh so coveted no.2 QB spot, beating 5th round draft pick Nathan Enderle in the process.

Season Low Point: Paresthesia in his ass from sitting on the bench while watching a more talented QB lead the bears offense.

Jake Locker, Colin Kaepernick, Marc Bulger


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A bunch of pointless numbers nobody cares about. I wish you would stop making threads.

i wish your mother would mule kick your computer

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Were there people that really wanted Kerry Collins? :sosp:


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This is obviously my first post. I think this only shows that Cam is better, and should be better than the rest of the these QB's. We just need to see more wins, and he's working on it. He's only played three games. If, and I mean IF, he keeps this up and continues to improve I think the future is bright for this team.

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Now I have to look up Brady's stats and breeze's... They are the only two QB's in the league that are even comparable to Cam.

And that is some damn good company to be in... Rookie or not!

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i want a link to the thread where raging bull pissed off PFFL

because apparently judging from PFFL's attitude in this thread, it was something to behold

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