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im drunk i wanna talk about Cam

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why is cam throwing to legadu naanee so much

cam is undeniable putting up impressive stats, but I don't think it's because he actually understands the reads. I'm sure he knows what the play is and who goes where, but once he snaps the ball, I think he's just looking for friendly jerseys.

one of the major criticisms (and a valid one) is that in red zone situations cam isn't looking for olsen or smith. the argument is at these junctures, you throw it to your best players, regardless of coverage. It's the jake delhomme rule. Is Steve Smith open? No? throw it to him anyway some good poo will happen.

I think once the play develops, Cam is just looking for whomever is open. Sometimes it's steve smith. There were a couple of busted coverages against chicago, and if he's open, Cam's throwing him the ball. More likely than not, he's throwing to Naanee or lafell, two players that are open for a reason. Teams aren't going to aggressively cover either of them, mainly because neither can get open.

That's why Cam is throwing to Naanee on fourth down. He's not thinking "man this guy sucks," instead he's thinking "Hey he's got the lead in single coverage and if he could just fuging make a god damn play it's a first down here."

irritating, but to be expected. He'll learn by the end of the season whom his main dudes are.

this offense isn't designed to win games

rivera related an anecdote about his days in San Diego. During rivers' first year, people were bitching that they didn't run the ball to LdT more. Schotty simply responded that they knew they could run, but some day they'd need Rivers to make the big pass. This is clearly what the Panthers are doing with Cam. Gantt has confirmed as much.

The main issue is this offense isn't helping the team win games. Yeah, it fuging owns when cam throw for a billion yards, but the situational football is dumb as fug. Matt Forte is gouging the Panthers, up the middle in the first half and on stretch plays in the second. (By the way, teams are going to start taking advantage of that, since the Panthers simply don't have the linebackers to stop dudes on the corners.) At this point in the third, the defense is gassed and needs a break. Instead of controlling the clock with a run game that has been incredibly effective to this point, they put Cam in a position where he goes 0-6. It's clear what the priorities are

It's an interesting but kinda depressing strategy. This is hurney's team through and through and I'd wager he signed off on it. When the Panthers didn't pursue a replacement for Edwards, it became clear that they were willing to just take their shots and develop Cam for next year. Everyone likes to point to the losses in the LB corps as the reason teh defense is struggling, but after Ron went down it was over.

Sucks, because if they'd just gone after Abrayo Franklin (and it's not like spending cash was in short supply) they're probably 4-0 right now, but let's not get hung on on possibilities. no one could have predicted the offense would be doing what they're doing.

cam is really tall

when cam gets pressure in his face from a blitz (specifically from a blitz, 3/4 man rushes are easy for him to avoid) his mechanics break down and he almost always throws high. this problem is exacerbated by the fact cam is 6 foot 20 fuging killing for fun (he's coming, he's coming, he's coming.)

i don't really have a big point about that

run more screens god dammit

Jonathan stewart runs the ball like a bowling ball bouncing down the stairs. its become, honestly, the most effective weapon in the panthers arsenal. i haven't rewatched the game but I don't remember a screen in the third or fourth. dance with the one that brought you, dammit. yeah, it's cool you're trying to level up cam, but that bears game was well within reach

cam will help the panthers bring in free agents

panther fans always bitch and moan when the panthers don't sign X player. they often forget that the player has a choice too. there are numerous factors that contribute to a player wanting to sign a contract. one is proximity to a super bowl, which explains how the Pats annually get the best old dude free agents.

another is city, and charlotte will always suck. yeah, if you're some hick from waxaw who escaped his parents mattress factory, charlotte might seem like something from a dream. for your typical 26 year old who's been around, Charlotte is a city where people hang out at TGIF and go home at 11 oclock on a saturday. The Panthers will never be able to compete with New York or Dallas in this regard.

However, Cam has become an "icon and an entertainer." I know a lot of fat, white, republicans on this board cringed when he said that, but it's true. People are going to want to play for him next year.

if the Panthers want to compete next year, they're going to have to rebuild their defense. Cam will help that.

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Good post. I agree about Cam bringing in FAs. I think a lot of players would love to come play with the guy. Cam's attitude is also going to help weed out any players who told play to win every week.

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Guest Irv

cam is a xenomorph therefore everyime he sees legadu's dreads flapping in he wind he thinks it's a predator and throws the football at it in an attempt to kill it.

Yes i just went full nerd so what..

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So you're suggesting he learn to force it to good players rather than find the open man?

I think I'd rather just get better players on the field.

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fiz why don't you go back to doing hwat you do best and make half witty short remarks and then spaz out and get banned.

i do like how you're always drunk when you start a thread, it's as if it's some security issue with being flamed for dumbass poo...

that's the inner fiz in me talking

im done now

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