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$537,427,882 *edited for Phillies failure*

and 0 playoff series wins.



Excuse me a moment.


I don't know about you guys, but the epic Sox collapse and the Yankees losing pretty much makes a successful baseball season.

edit - now that the Phillies are out, I will officially enjoy the 2011 MLB postseason. Next to the Nationals making the playoffs, this is the best possible outcome.

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Ryan Howard is now the Phillies version of A-Roid, lulz.

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being a Cubs fan................... ain't so bad right now.

I was over it in june.

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    • I wouldn't mind a speed guy to replace Ginn but I'd want one with much better hands. However, I'd really prefer to have a great route runner, with above average hands and very good speed. Great route running creates separation, speed turns separation into big gains...
    • I've been spit on and called racial slurs and didn't feel the need to hit a woman. Funny how self discipline and being the better person doesn't come up with Mixon.    If someone like that gets under his skin what will happen of another player does?    He ain't coming here and I'm glad. Morals mean something. Maybe they don't to you but this organization it does. 
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