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If the Panthers win this week

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They will be 5-3 heading into the Bye.

If they show that they can take care of business at home and beat the Saints, I think they'll also have the confidence to go on the road and take care of a suspect Falcons team without a great defense, with an offensive line that's allowing Ryan to get abused.

The Redskins & Vikings then come to Charlotte.

This is doable, and should be expected if they win this weekend, which few expect them to do. If they lose, they'll be 3-5, at best, heading into the Bye.

I believe Rivera's challenging some of these guys' manhood and desire to win after the Bears loss will have these guys fired up, and Cam's comments about losing resonated.

If it comes together this weekend and they pull it out, it won't be an aberration.

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I don't know if it happens this weekend or not, but when this thing turns (and it will) and when these guys finally figure out how to win and win a couple in a row, it is going to turn in a BIG way.

It may not happen this weekend, and it may not even happen this year. But look the fug out when it finally does.

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I think we have so much charger philosophy going on here we are starting off just like they usually do i.e. slow. They are also known to turn it on as the season goes on..hopefully we get things going this week.

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one game at a time.

That rule applies to the team itself, not fans or prognosticators.

With our run defense I don't know

"If". If it "all comes together." Despite a pathetic run defense, they still should be 4-0, and would be if not for stupid penalties on offense, special teams follies, and questionable calls.

"If" they finally win one of these they aren't suppose to, it could be a spark. They always play the Saints well, and Cam studied up on all NFC-South teams not named Carolina this past summer.

"If" it happens this week, watch out.

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