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Some facts regarding the decision to throw the ball on that infamous 3rd-and-2

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fact: if cam connects with smitty on that 3rd-and-2 bomb everyone is bawling about we'd have put the game away.

fact: fox would have run the ball in that situation because he didn't have the killer instinct to put the game away. this is what caused him to get fired.

fact: chuz and rivera HAVE that killer instinct.

fact: cam newton is a rookie quarterback playing his fifth game in an offense installed at the beginning of the season, with no OTA's or minicamp and will have occasional timing errors with receivers.

fact: in the future these types of coaching decision, coupled with an experienced quarterback and gelling offensive machine, will lead to completions and clutch finishes against quality teams like today's matchup.

fact: today's loss sucks but if you are actually suggesting rivera and chudz are terrible coaches i sincerely hope you drown before next sunday.

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It's a very low probability gamble especially when you consider Cam wasn't very accurate on his deep passes all day and hadn't been on the same page with 89.

I mean, if I were to buy $1000 worth of Powerball tickets and just happened to win $300 million off one of them, was it still an intelligent decision to buy that many tickets that you would recommend other people try?

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fact: A hand-off to one of our two first round running backs was still the correct call.

Unless of course he doesn't make it, then people call Rivera Fox 2.0 while furiously jerking each other off.

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Eh, its a bad call regardless of whether it works or not. And the odds of it working are much lower than the odds of a short pass or a run picking up the first down, keeping the clock moving and keeping brees off the field.

That being said, they called a good offensive game . Take away the miscues (first int, missed extra point, and the travesty at the end of the first half) and we win. Got to eliminate or at least reduce the mistakes.

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