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Panthers Need to Be on the Phone Now Trying to Trade Clausen to Raiders

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the raidahs want a veteran qb who they can plug immediately and trust not to fug up (much the way campbell had been doing). clausen doesn't provide that. garrard/palmer is who they should be eyeing

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What brand of glue are you huffing?

Elmer's- It's Non-Toxic.. haha

And to answer my own original question, no personally I wouldn't trade for Clausen. Howver, the Raiders are known to do things other franchises wouldn't. And beyond that, they are trying to win this year.

My original point is that the Raiders are desperately looking into QB options and the Panthers have a QB in Clausen that could potentially play but has no future here.

After this season, Clausen has no trade value with the available QB's coming out. Only time Panthers might get anything for him is now.

If they can't or won't trade him thinking he's better served being a backup, fine. However, he's never active and probably won't be barring injury either this year or maybe again ever here. I just think if I'm the Panthers FO it's something that should be put out there.

And I'm not some bandwagon or Johnny-come-lately fan. I've been a PSL holder since 2004 and have endured the whole of Panther football, good and bad.

We have a true franchise QB now and need to do everything in our power to fill the holes in the team around him. If we can get extra draft picks, great.

If Cam got hurt and we had to go back to Jimmy, we're screwed anyway. Investing much in a backup in pointless in today's NFL. If you lose your #1 QB, your season's shot anyway...

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Hurney received trade offers for Tyrell Sutton and turned them down

Hurney received trade offers for Dwayne Jarrett and turned them down

Hurney had multiple teams calling last season trying to trade for DeAngelo Williams and would not even hear them out, even though had no talks at that point about a future contract with DWill and what kind of money he would demand

you expect him to pull off this trade?

good luck

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