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Edward Teach

Questions about Tailgating the Redskins game

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I am going to the game this weekend and I want to tailgate, so I have a couple of questions for those of you who feel like responding.

Where are the best parking lots for tailgating located? How much does it cost to park there? How early should I get there? I am driving up Sunday morning from Wilmington and we need to know how early to leave to ensure getting a prime spot.

I was also thinking of attending the Huddle Tailgate to meet some members and to contribute to the Huddle Toys for Tots fund. Where is it located? What would be the closest area to park to be close to it?

Or, if you would like to invite my girlfriend, myself, and one non-aggressive Redskins fan to your tailgate, let me know! We are good people and are looking for a great tailgate experience.

Thanks in advance.

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    • I like the use of props like in that old MTV allstar game where there was like 2 additional baskets above the main hoop. Could be interesting.

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    • It seems like every year around draft time, huddle math kicks into full effect.  Somehow by puck 8 the top 20 prospects will magically be gone. Always amazes me.  Unless you are trading up to 1 draft a Peppers or Cam franchise can't miss prospect I don't see why this team would trade up with a pick in the top 10.  Use last years slump to your advantage and build your core.  Get 2-3 starting caliber (not necessary starters on this team but starting caliber) NFL players and some depth guys.  I like Fournette but there are other guys that can fill a role on this team who will be available.  No need to throw the draft away. Just my opinion. 
    • Oh hell, make it 28 points. Boy, the failcons could have used that.