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Johnny Rockets

Someone get Tommy Lasorda some Redbull..

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It's both funny and sad (but mostly funny) to watch Tommy struggle his way through this lengthy Q and A with WGN. Look, we kid Tommy because we love, but seriously ... the man is 81 years old! Whose idea was it to let him roast in the Southern California heat, with a sweater on and no hat, while two guys in Chicago confuse him with questions containing double negatives. He can't see, he can't hear, he can't complete his thoughts and the voices beamed into his head aren't helping matters. Can't you see the man needs his rest? At least get him a glass of lemonade and a Panama hat, for cryin' out loud.

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Love me some Tommy. Go Dodger Blue. And maybe next time they won't sit him down with the sun in his eyes.

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