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  1. The faster they settle this, the faster they can get on with a proper training camp.
  2. Hmmm,, Maybe. I am a 1983 Ole Miss graduate. I have seen many coaching staffs come and go. You are correct but, it is difficult to determine, how much credit goes to the coach. The best Ole Miss coach I have seen was Tommy Tubberville.
  3. I have a good feeling about Corral. He made amazing plays at Ole Miss. that is not easy to do.
  4. Y know,,, this is a great point. We humans are political. There will always be people who mislead and manipulate for their selfish self centered desires. my question is: is Washington elite or is the owner elite?
  5. Most likely the next 4 years. The Manning’s are to the type to enter the draft before school is completed.
  6. Don’t forget Sherrif Buford T Justice. He shows a determination to succeed!
  7. I don’t pay attention to the news media anymore. Their goal seems to have changed. Honesty died approximately 30 - 40 years ago. The goal today seems to be, stirring up people and watching the result. This tweet is someone’s opinion. I think Mayfield will be much better than Darnold. However, I don’t think Mayfield is worth a high cost. If Panthers do get mayfield, I think he should start. If Panthers don’t get mayfield, I think there should be a competition for the starting job.
  8. The people who develop the software will have the same flaws, as the new casters. They will never accurately predict the exact future. Unless they can time travel. Fans can predict just as well as the talking heads. we will know if they are correct, after the games are completed.
  9. The present owner needs to pay his Gasoline Bill.
  10. Who would be a better QB? Sam Darnold or Baker Mayfield?
  11. As a Saints Fan, I was afraid to play a Cam Newton led team. He was that good. I still do not understand why he struggled last year. Now that we have Matt Corral, I think we are in good hands. I think we should have a QB competition.
  12. Wow!!!! Number 9. A lot of skilled QBs wore number 9
  13. Fan base rankings. FYI. Interesting post.
  14. The Return of Drew Brees I can’t see this seriously. That being said, they list Panthers as a second possible landing spot. Saints love Brees but, they want to stay with Winston. Jamis showed potential last year and was able to make the long pass. I realize I am an Ole Miss graduate, but I think Corral has the most potential. My recommendation is to have a quarterback competition. Let the winner start game one. Brees has earned a special place in the hearts of Saints fans. However, even if his skill returns, he might buy you one season. I just don’t think he is a solution for the Panthers. i look forward to watching Corral win games for the Panthers!
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