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  1. I rewatched the Panthers vs Saints game tonight, the announcer indicated that Matt Rhule’s contract would cost the Panther Organization a lot of money to fire him, before next season. Has anyone else heard this? They didn’t go into details. Could this be a reason Rhule wasn’t fired?
  2. I just can’t see Cam agreeing to that role. Cam is physically built for that role. ( Tough and fast). But, he would not want that role. I also think teams are learning how to stop Taysom. He doesn’t seem to have the success, he used to have.
  3. Ask the Ole Miss Rebels. That was not a second rate Baylor team, that embarrassed them in the Sugar Bowl. Baylor without Rhule
  4. Bill Vinovich he determines outcomes. Jerome Boger is not political.
  5. I am also very surprised. Especially since outside sources see problems. However, it is one of the thing to observe an organization, from the outside. It is another to observe, from the inside. Hopefully, they see something in Rhule that we don’t.
  6. I see this a lot in both College and Pro football . The coach, who is on the Hot Seat, fires his assistant coaches. The coach maybe either; worried about his job and wants to show changes or the coach genuinely thinks the assistants are not performing properly.
  7. I don’t think so. I see talking heads at ESPN, etc. speculating that, “certain successful coaches might be in play.” Teams should consider trading for successful coaches, in return for draft picks, etc. it reminds me of Head Hunting in the corporate world.
  8. I have a feeling we will see a lot of coaching changes in this off-season. I hear they are even talking about trying to lure coaches away from teams by using draft picks. Even Mike Tomlin and Sean Payton are being mentioned.
  9. Which coach is better? Riverboat Ron or Matt Rhule. I realize that it is easy to second guess decisions.
  10. Even hated Saints fans think Rhule is bad. Good news is that Rhule is losing support. https://saintsreport.com/threads/what-has-matt-rhule-done-to-warrant-an-nfl-coaching-position.469033/
  11. Even the most hated division rivals agree. I think Rhule is losing support. https://saintsreport.com/threads/what-has-matt-rhule-done-to-warrant-an-nfl-coaching-position.469033/
  12. I think this is a crap shoot. I think the talent is there but, it hasn’t happened. I have a feeling this will be a very busy off season regarding quarterback availability. I know several QBs who expressed interest to move. (Arron Rogers, etc). Others have uncertain futures. (Jamis Winston, Matt Ryan, etc) on a side note, I am very surprised that Cam Newton didn’t spark the team. To me, he was the Saints most feared Quarterback. Does anyone know why he is struggling?
  13. I live in the Vicksburg Mississippi area. I noticed today where a fox in their infinite wisdom, has decided to show the phoenix Cardinals versus Dallas Cowboys, instead of the New Orleans saints versus Carolina panthers game. My guess is fox wants to show championship teams as opposed to regional teams. I was just curious, are you able to watch your beloved Carolina Panthers play in Charlotte North Carolina area or are you having to watch the Cardinals Dallas game.
  14. I personally have never seen a successful team that constantly changes quarterbacks. coach sticks his finger in the air and decides to choose a quarterback based on, the direction of the wind.
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