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RAGE: How many Huddlers broke something yesterday?

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At the end of the game I broke my favorite panther mug throwing it down throught the glass of my coffee table. Oh well hated the table anyway, but dammit....got to fiind a chill panther chill mug now. Ive been angry all year but this one pissed me off the most losing to a hapless 1 loss team who we are better then. I know but we lost blah blah.....winning is coming and ill relish it and be a dick to every other teams fan when we are good again.

so what did you guys break? Remotes, controllers, lamps, holes in the wall?

PS. I also left the house and took some more anger out running over construction cones with my car lol that was fun.

Oh btw im not crazy, just have that Marine Corps temper

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I will admit that I hit my bedroom door after the missed kick as I walked out in disgust. I did not however hit it hard enough to break it or my hand.


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I wanted to brake the Chair at BOA but the damn thing just does not break.

I live in FL now, and im going to the Dec 4th vs tampa game, ill most likely test out the strength of the raymon james chairs lmao

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I've become numb to it. Right before he made the kick I almost text my gf telling her to extend her DVR, but, I held off, and for good reason. I knew we were not good enough to make that kick.

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stupid fan is stupid

"We lost so I think I will destroy some of my property. And now since I am so proud of myself, I will tell everyone about it."

The guy missed a gimme field goal that would have given us the CHANCE to win. It wasn't Rodney King. Don't burn down your own town killer.

What kind of fvckn retard thinks this way? I can maybe understand if it was act of rage where you saw red but you created a thread about it in search of other people as unstable as you are. Do us all and all the remaining Panther mugs a favor and find something else to channel your gamma radiated psyche toward.

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