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Who is best value at the 5 slot?

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I didn't watch the video, but from the quote you gave I would say you are reading too much in to it. The defense can be shored up through free agency just as much as the draft. Plus, when you are picking in the top 5 you don't take a defensive player just because you suck on defense. The value has to be right to take any player that high, and if there isn't a defensive player worthy of our pick, they will go with the best overall player.

And right tackle is just as big of a question mark as any of the defensive positions IMO. We made a huge investment in Cam last year, and we have to protect it. Bell has been getting beat like a rug for weeks now, and Otah is nothing but a lazy, fat pussy. He's had a full year already to come in healthy, but he couldn't do it. Absolutely no reason to believe he'll be fine next year.

Listen to what Rivera says before the quote I posted. He praises the offense and indicates that we are already in a great situation, and praises Bell at the RT position.. says that Bell grades out very well, which I don't buy. It might give you a different perspective.

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I don't think Rivera is too enthused about McClains play as of late.. he mentioned in his presser than McClain has 'hit a wall' and Fua has been improving rapidly.

he's talking about rookie wall though, very different from wanting to replace them with another very young player in the draft.

to me, the smarter move would be to bring in some veteran, hopefully quality, depth for DT in FA. More youth just seems like the wrong idea for DT.

On the other hand, CB and OLB should be addressed in this draft, just dunno if they will in the first round...

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