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Sam Mills Fan

If Pro Bowl voting ended today, Cam would make it with fan votes

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It doesn't matter what your worthless opinion thinks of who deserves it more (all 15 other NFC Qbs amirite???!" If Cam is currently third in votes, he is on pace to get in. You're letting your insecurities shine brightest of all.

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We had to watch half of the Redskins miserable team in the Pro Bowl a few years back because the fans decided theu were fans.

Peyon Hillis made the cover of Madden because Browns fans decided they love their team first and foremost.

Man I can't wait until the grand majority of you first generation Panther fans die off so I don't have to hear any more of this "Ima fan of da game, bruh."

If you love the NFL so much, their website has a discussion section for you.

If you are a Panthers fan, quit whining about stuff like this.

"Pro Bowl is ovuhrated."

"No Panthers player deserves it because I try to assert myself by being "different."

Cam is on pace to go to the Pro Bowl his rookie year. That does wonders for a HoF resume'. If you don't want that, you aren't a fan. And yes, I'm well aware TRD isn't actually a fan of the team.

I guess that the "grand majority" part is the out for you when I say that I'm one of those Panther fans who was born before, say, 1986....and I consider myself a full fledged fan who doesn't hold some sort of divided loyalty? Maybe I'm not one of the Panther fans on your death wish list..:rolleyes:

Having said that, the Redskin debacle a couple years ago was pure crap...embarrassing. All the same, at this point I'd rather Cam stayed out of the game unless we start clocking some wins...If he does get in, I'd hope he doesn't make one rushing attempt.

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Alex Smith

Tell me why Cam deserves it more than any of them?

Rodgers, Brees and Manning are having better years?

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additionally keep in mind that unless what i think is going to happen happens, one of Brees or Rodgers will likely be in the Super Bowl and won't be playing in the game.

Add in "injuries" and, whelp, there's a reason Vince Young has been to a pro bowl and The Golden Calf of Bristol is going this year.

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Also you can basically glean all you need to know about someone's football knowledge from their opinion on Tony Romo.

lmao Tony Romo is the most overrated, inconsistent QB in the entire NFL. Eli and Ryan right behind him.

For example, there's no shortage of statistics refuting this belief, but Killerkat needs none of that.

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