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What is your mentality for our first selection at this point in the season?

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The best thing would be to trade down a little ways to mid first round and acquire more picks. We will get good value at where we pick in the first. Could get any number of guys.


Alshon Jeffery

Micheal Floyd

Vontaze Burfict

Luke Kuechly

Monti Te'o

Cliff Harris

Janoris Jenkins

or a number of any other guys.

Then hopefully we could get another 2nd rounder or at least a 3rd rounder for this draft and then a first rounder for next year.

We should, if we draft well, be able to add some very good young talent between next year and the following year if we go this route and play our cards right

I definitely would not mind Jeffery or Blackmon though. They both have crazy good skills and Jeffery is almost Calvin Johnson in size. Both will be big time in the NFL. Either way I'd be happy.

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I am not sure you can have a mentality about our first round selection right now. It's not black or white.

You have to consider where we are picking, who is going to be available at our pick, and what needs need to be addressed. You also have to assess value. We just need to address our needs: CB, OLB, DT, OT. So that's where I stand.

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On offense, it's not a WR we need to make the jump to being elite, we need cohesion. Look at all of the top offenses in the league, and the one thing you'll notice is they work like clockwork. And that's not talent, that's guys with total familiarity with both the offensive scheme and what to expect from their offensive teammates (not to mention coaches that understand them so well that they know exactly what they can and cannot do well).

Right now, we don't have any of that, so we get a lot of inconsistency on offense. But I think with a year under their belts, along with a complete offseason, we'll see a remarkable improvement in our offensive production. Of course you still need the talent, but I believe this team already has the talent to produce a scary offense, we just need enough time for it to come together and become more consistent.

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So with that said, my mindset for #1 is obviously defense...and preferably CB since I don't think we have a clear #2 on the team. Munnerlyn, IMO, should be deep depth and ST only, Butler is likely best suited to nickel at this time, and Hogan is still an unknown and may take some time to kick the rust off and build up confidence in his knee (not to mention adjust to NFL receivers).

LB would also be a good option, but I don't think there will be a LB where we'll be picking that is good value. So we will probably have to fill this need in FA and/or the 2nd round. DT is clearly a need, particularly a pass rushing DT, but not with more youth. We need a vet to come in and give us some much needed experience up the middle (even with Edwards coming back). And while a trade would be enticing, it is far from a certainty that we'll find someone willing to move up to our spot.

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