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    • Same people defending Hillary a few months ago are now drawing the conclusion that Flynn... and by association Trump... must be guilty of something because Flynn is getting immunity from the FBI. Works both ways. For the record... IMHO both Hillary and Trump are crooks.  If justice in this nation were truly blind these two politicians and their henchmen would be doing a long stretch in prison by now.
    • Slot receivers don't exist in 2 TE sets unless we're lining a TE on the outside which I haven't seen much out of the currently constructed Panthers. Maybe McCaffrey if he were to be split out wide but the Panthers usually keep a RB with Cam in-case Cam needs the extra protection and audibles the RB to block.  The Panthers would be best suited pairing KB with a speedster such as Charles Johnson, who's adept at running deep routes. Keep Howard and possible the RB (if not blocking) on short routes, KB on working the intermediate routes, Olsen running intermediate/deep routes, and Johnson running deep routes. That way Cam has a receiver on every level. All of this assumes Shula constructs a properly worked passing attack. 
    • Yes, that is correct. My point being Clinton was impeached and stayed in office. Almost everyone calling for impeachment of Trump thinks it means to remove him from office. He would have to be impeached and then found guilty to do that. The impeachment alone does not remove him. And my original point, no one was bringing up the electoral college back then. It makes no sense. Because the popular would surely rid us of corrupt politicians, right?