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Breaking Bad Season 5 (Here)

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what about all the video footage streaming to gus' laptop?

walt's face is potentially saved somewhere on one of gus' hard drives.

also the lab did get torched

my guess is he has around 500k + the car wash left.

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'Breaking Bad': Aaron Paul On Walter's Betrayal And Season 5

On AMC's hit drama "Breaking Bad," Jesse (Aaron Paul) and Walter (Bryan Cranston) are the perfect poisonous pair. Walt needs someone to look down on, just as Jesse needs someone to look up to, but the Season 4 finale left more questions than answers for the pair.

Walter has consistently betrayed Jesse throughout the series, and the shocking end to Season 4 proved just that, as we found out that it was Walt who poisoned Brock (Ian Posada). Jesse may not know the truth yet, but how does actor Aaron Paul feel about Walter's betrayal?

"Shame on Walt," Paul told Vulture, while promoting his new film "Smashed" at Sundance. "Like, I hate Walt for what he’s done to Jesse. If only Jesse knew all the horrible things that he did, oh my God. I love that they’re back together, but it’s always been such a back-and-forth struggle, a love-hate relationship."

However, for Paul, he believes that the dynamic crime duo ultimately respect one another, even though they can't seem to trust each other.

"But I think at the end, in the parking lot, I think they’re there for each other," he revealed. "They know it was a rough ride. I think they understand each other as true partners now. I don’t think Walt considers himself as a boss to Jesse anymore. Maybe deep down, because Walt has a big ego, but I think Jesse sees himself as being equal to Walt."

One can't help but wonder if Walt's ultimate punishment for his crimes will come at the hands of Jesse -- or if the pair will be each other's undoing. After all, what's "Breaking Bad" without more death and destruction? Even the recently-engaged Paul has his own theory on how the series will end next season.

"It does involve a death, and possible deaths," he teased to Vulture, "Definitely people dying."

More Here

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Here are the 5 things Breaking Bad’s final season must tie up…

1. Where does Mike (played by actor Jonathan Banks) fit in? For my money, I’d guess there will be a confrontation – but it won’t end badly, even if it begins that way. Mike the cleaner has always come across as not just loyal; but smart. He’ll side with Walt much more readily than harbor any amateurish notions of avenging Gus, a concept which would come across as childish to the skilled and efficient hit-man.

2. The jilted fling Ted (who shamelessly tried to shake Skyler down for more money, despite her jeopardizing herself and family for his faltering business in his time of need). After Skyler got Saul’s help to send goons to visit him, and Ted Beneke accomplished the singularly improbable feat of knocking himself out while trying to escape, there’s no telling what this ultimate wild-card may eventually end up contributing to the final plot; assuming, of course, that he hadn’t actually broken his neck in the fall and is now a dead (non?)-factor.

3. Jesse knows that it wasn’t ricin poisoning. So; what does this mean for Jesse and Walt? An interesting thought is that maybe Gus did use the Lilly of the Valley plant to poison Brock, and then planted it at Walt’s house as his final plan to distance Jesse from the master chemist. One important key: how did Brock get poisoned by Lilly of the Valley? Was it in some way that he will remember that “the man who came to the door with a band-aid on his nose gave me some”, which will send Jesse into a murderous rage? Another alternative: while this may seem far-fetched; keep in mind that Gus was bent on separating Jesse and Walter, and it seems strange that a man as meticulous as Walt would just leave the remaining plant poison at his house. This plot direction only makes sense smoothly if it somehow helps to save Walt’s life later on, or if it helps Gus accomplish from the grave what he would have loved to do while still living: kill Heisenberg. The last thing in favor of this far-fetched hypothesis is that surely, Walt knew the toxicology report would come back as some drug other than ricin, right? If he was truly capable of poisoning a child, why not just use real ricin?

4. The Cartel. This is the most certain part of all; that they will play a part. The meth business most certainly isn’t going to stop running, after all. If they are able to uncover Walt and Jesse’s part in all of this, what will they do get them cooking again? Will they need to do anything if Walt’s cancer returns?

5. Somehow, someway, Walt’s understandable if catastrophic need for recognition of his own brilliance will be the death of them all, if they choose to conclude the series with his death. Walt’s cancer might return; this time it will be terminable. He’s going to find a way to take advantage of this fact to possibly give the ultimate middle finger to the Mexican Cartel. Some intriguing plot lines would involve Walt killing Jesse or even Hank – but these would be very shocking and inconsistent with his descent into whatever it is he’s become. Walt has shown a willingness to do the very bad only when there’s no option; and he’s done it to save family. He wouldn’t then kill them – and he’s come to regard Pinkman as family, with whom he has a very rocky relationship; but, nonetheless – in order to save himself. The show would eventually boil down to Walt using his intelligence to evade whatever forces are gunning for him and his family; the only significant wild card is his itchy need to be known for what he accomplished – this; not the Cartel or law enforcement, will be his downfall.

Lastly, why the particular point of view from underground in the final minutes, as Walt and Jesse met in the hospital parking lot after the death of Gus? Was somebody watching them, or was it just a matter of perspective? Nonetheless, Breaking Bad has presented us with one of the most intriguing dynamics in all of television. Heisenberg’s masterstroke came (possibly) at the greatest possible moral cost, no matter how well-rationalized the process. Will Season 5 be the most brilliant final season of drama up to this point? Or will we wish it had all ended with Season 4?

Read more: http://technorati.com/entertainment/tv/article/amcs-breaking-bad-the-upcoming-final/#ixzz1mpufy1Kg

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I remember hearing it's set to premier sometime this July/August, but of course it's always subject to change. It's true they never explicitly told us Ted was dead, and his was a tweener injury in that he's probably dead but might have survived. I'm thinking now about this past season, and that moment when Walt realizes Skylar gave the money to Ted. Walt's reaction and just the pure, raw emotion in that scene is something I'll not soon forget. Can't wait for the final season.

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the laugh was the best moment of the season

That and Gus slicing that dude's throat open and holding him up while he bleeds out. My god this show is like no other.

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