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Cary Kollins

What's your fantasy story of the year?

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If it were me, I'd start S. Jackson and F. Jones. I don't like Matthews consistancy, or D. Will's or J. Stew's for that matter. Cam is just too money around the goal line to start either of them IMO.

As far as the WR's go, I'd start Jones because ATL will probably have to score a lot of points going up against NO.

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My opening week of the playoffs in Week 14 I would say qualifies. I made the playoffs at 5-8 and my opponent made it at 12-1 as the #1 overall seed. He had Brady, Welker, Gronkowski, Rice, and Harvin who all put up big numbers. Maurice Jones Drew put up 40 points for me, but I was still down by nearly 80 points going into Sunday Night Football with Romo, Nicks and Ballard, but he still had Dan Bailey (Dallas' kicker) and Dallas' D. With Eli's TD pass to Ballard the score ended up being tied because #1 I had Ballard, and #2, Dallas D ended up scoring -2 points. Romo threw for enough yards on the last drive that I ended up being up by 2 points, but Dan Bailey was lining up for the FG that would tie the game, yet give my opponent the lead. You know what happened after that.

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I started my FF team horribly (4-6). My 1st round pick J. Charles went down for the season, 4th round pick K. Britt went down for the season, and A. Gates was out for half a season.

I rebounded with waiver wire pick-ups and am in the finals with some scrub that refuses to start Cam Newtom b/c of deep down racial issues ;). Looking forward to killing him with second/third string WR's.

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I'm in this 10 person league, same people every year. $ buy in, Champion gets a real size NFL helmet of the team of their choosing. Second place gets a mini helmet of same quality and scale. My team went 5-7-1 and was the 8th place team in an 8 team playoff structure. I have won through 2 rounds and am now in the Championship game. I started the season 0-5. :D

My starters are:


WR: Fitzgerald

WR2: Nicks

RB: Chris Johnson (killed me)

TE: Jermichael Finley

W/R: Rashard Mendenhall

K: Akers

DEF: Baltimore

D1: D'Qwell Jackson

D2: Derrick Johnson

The D players are heavily weighted. My 2 guys average around 10-13 points per game, with both scoring highly this past weekend.

Because I've won this league before (have the full sized Bears helmet) and gotten 2nd place (mini helmet), whichever way I go (1st or 2nd), I'm getting it as a Vikings helmet and giving it to my best friend (who doesn't play in the league), who is a huge Vikings fan.

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Stafford to Megatron took 2 of my teams to the champ game.

My first team made it through fairly injury free, except for Hightower and S. Moss. I also had the great fortune to draft Gronkowski as my backup TE, so Witten's been on my bench a lot.

Team 2 has survived with a mess at RB, especially since McFadden went down, but I was deep at WR (Mega, Jennings, Jordy, and S. Johnson). C.J. Spiller did save my ass in a 151-146 Loyola Marymount special in the semis.

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1st league: in the playoffs after going through 4 game losing streak that came AFTER i scored 200 points to set a league record. In that league I was the butt of jokes due to my bad trading from last year (traded away Megatron, Smith, Steven Jackson, AND Greg Jennings at one point). I just took down the guy I made those trades with last week (after I traded him Murray a few weeks ago) and I'm on to the next round.

2nd league: started out 4-2, ended 5-8 and out the playoffs. no idea what happened.

3rd league: it shall not be mentioned again. team is terrible

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Whoever I sat, went off. Whoever I played, sucked. I missed the playoffs...with that team.

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