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Matthias' Mock (Second Take)

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I've deciding that Matthias is our forum's "that guy."

You know. Every NFL team forum has one. It's "that guy" who thinks he's some kind of draft guru that we should all seek wisdom from, but everyone else sees what a clueless turd he is.

Sorry Matthias.

Well not really.

Merry Christmas.

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Three problems I have with this...

1- Kalil is not falling to Carolina

2- Trading up for Burfict would be a TERRIBLE decision

3- DeVonte Holloman is NOT going to enter the draft. There has never been a slight doubt about that.

I don't understand why he even mentioned Holloman. Gilmore is going to go in the first two rounds. Allen is an All-American senior.

Holloman, if there were any chance he left this season, would be a "meh" draft pick.

Matthias should be banned from the draft forum.

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Ah, didn't know about that. I think Spurrier encourages his players to only come out if they are first round picks, that old ball coach.:D

I think Vontaze, unless he has a very good combine, will fall into the second round. We should be able to draft him there. I believe he is the best linebacker in this class, just needs a little discipline and mentoring. We have the guys for that.

With the Colts win last night and another win for them, I think the Vikings will be picking first. They either take Luck or trade out. No way they draft Kalil number one. With the Rams, they could pick Kalil or pick Blackmon, I don't think they are in dire need of a LT like the Vikes. The Colts just picked up Costanzo last year, so they also could go another route other than Kalil or trade out. We really have to wait and see how everything lines up. There's also free agency, and Omar Gaither may be picked up by the Rams, Vikes, or Colts. RGIII still has another game and combine, and he could look better than Luck. (Not to mention Blackmon, Claiborne, etc, all have games and combines. Anything can happen between now and draft time)

Edit: I just found out that the Colts have taken LTs in 3 of the last 4 drafts. See this quote from their message boards.....

Also, the Colts have two first rounders this year I believe, someone correct me if I'm wrong. So they have some wiggle room to do things.

So if the Vikings end up with the first pick, and it certainly is turning out to be that way (they are not going to win another game this year), they would take Luck, the Rams would either trade out or take Blackmon, and the Colts will select Claiborne/RGIII or trade out. Kalil falling is looking more and more feasible

I honestly feel like you are just trolling at this point.

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Well, I'm sorry I ruined your week with my mock draft guys. (Which by the way will change once we know our draft spots after the season is up and after combine workouts, etc.) It's just that some of these remarks are a little over the top is it not? Did I say I was a draft guru? What's up with all the name calling? Yeah, Holloman is a "meh" pick, but that is usually where most sixth rounders are picked. I selected him specifically for special team purposes because the guy can lay a hit. Now, as I was informed, he's going back to college, and I honestly didn't know that before my OP, so sue me.

Loosen up guys, smell the roses. We do have a rookie cap in the NFL. More teams will be willing to trade up for outstanding talent. Luck, RGIII, Blackmon/Claiborne could be the first three picks of the draft. We've seen reports where Riley Reiff isn't that far from Kalil as a LT prospect. McShay has him going 10# to the Bills. Who's to say Reiff doesn't outperform Kalil, and get's drafted before Kalil? (Shoot, and if he doesn't, we should take Reiff if things turn out that way) Ultimately, we have to wait and see how things play out. Again, I'm sorry for ruining you guys week.

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