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Matthias' Mock (Second Take)

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#11 SteveSmithTD89


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Posted 22 December 2011 - 11:41 PM

Well... at least we aren't trading Steve Smith for a 1st rounder this time. Don't see it happening tho. Kalil goes to minny and no way in hell we pick 5-6 either.

#12 liljah8303


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Posted 22 December 2011 - 11:44 PM

Where is Greg hardy on your predicted roster? Kieser over Hardy?

Child please

#13 Clicheking


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Posted 23 December 2011 - 12:05 AM

No way Kalil makes it to #5 and we won't be picking that early anyway. Also trading a future 1st to go pick up Vontaze Burfict of all people is a horrendous decision to say the least.

#14 frash.exe


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Posted 23 December 2011 - 12:23 AM

As things stand right now, most mocks have him going with the second overall pick.

Which is pretty much where he is going to go

Yet I believe there will be shake ups come draft time. With the new rookie cap firmly in place, more teams will be willing to trade up for star QBs in the draft, because that is exactly what you need to compete in this league.

Except 2 of the bottom 3 teams already have the QB they're going with and really need help at OT. Both the Rams and Vikings have already given up north of 40 sacks and protecting their franchise QBs will be priority no.1 this offseason, and Rodger Saffold has contributed to at least 1/4 of those before he hurt himself in the weight room and ended his season, while in the Vikings' case, Charlie Johnson has not come close to living up to the expectations the Minnesota had for him when they signed him. I don't see both of them trading down due to the massive influx of teams willing to mortgage their futures to move up 3 spots and select RGIII and Landry Jones

If things go according to my projections,

which they won't

Kalil should slip out of that firm top 3 grip,

Permitting the Redskins or some poo want to trade up from 5 to 2 to pick ROBERT GRIFFIN III

and possibly slip to us if we are in position. (5-6)

lol we're not picking top 6

Kalil will automatically make our line one of the best, if not the best o-line in the game.

yea Calvin Johnson would've automatically made our WR core one of the best, if not the best WR core in the game, if only we were high enough to grab him at no.2 in that draft, which we weren't

This pick would also free up Otah to possibly play RG once he comes back.

lol well Otah is injury prone at OT but he'll be automatically healthier inside the line it'll be great

Imagine the monstrous line of Kalil-Wharton-Kalil-Otah-Gross.


I fear we would be breaking federal laws with this kind of line.

great joke. would be perfect if people laughed at it.

#15 Jackofalltrades


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Posted 23 December 2011 - 01:08 AM

Too many trades that just aren't happening.

#16 SOJA


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Posted 23 December 2011 - 02:28 AM

I'd rather draft Z.Brown than Burficit

#17 Lout


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Posted 23 December 2011 - 10:27 AM

Let's stop living in fairy tale land and make a real mock draft. No trades, no ridiculous theories on Kalil falling to #5 or #6. Draft with panthers at #9 or #10 (realistic) and make a realistic mock draft Matthias.

#18 Delhommey



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Posted 23 December 2011 - 10:31 AM

My first pick is Andrew Luck and then we trade back into the first to get Kalil, but other than that my mock is exactly like yours.

#19 Mvp2014



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Posted 23 December 2011 - 10:40 AM

Vontaze, Kalil, and Mario Williams. I couldn't pull that off in Madden without feeling like a cheater. hahah

#20 Matthias


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Posted 23 December 2011 - 02:40 PM

DeVonte Holloman is NOT going to enter the draft. There has never been a slight doubt about that.

Ah, didn't know about that. I think Spurrier encourages his players to only come out if they are first round picks, that old ball coach.:D

I think Vontaze, unless he has a very good combine, will fall into the second round. We should be able to draft him there. I believe he is the best linebacker in this class, just needs a little discipline and mentoring. We have the guys for that.

With the Colts win last night and another win for them, I think the Vikings will be picking first. They either take Luck or trade out. No way they draft Kalil number one. With the Rams, they could pick Kalil or pick Blackmon, I don't think they are in dire need of a LT like the Vikes. The Colts just picked up Costanzo last year, so they also could go another route other than Kalil or trade out. We really have to wait and see how everything lines up. There's also free agency, and Omar Gaither may be picked up by the Rams, Vikes, or Colts. RGIII still has another game and combine, and he could look better than Luck. (Not to mention Blackmon, Claiborne, etc, all have games and combines. Anything can happen between now and draft time)

Edit: I just found out that the Colts have taken LTs in 3 of the last 4 drafts. See this quote from their message boards.....

Another LT? What does that make it, 3 first round picks on LT's in the last 4 years?

Irsay aint going for that

Also, the Colts have two first rounders this year I believe, someone correct me if I'm wrong. So they have some wiggle room to do things.

So if the Vikings end up with the first pick, and it certainly is turning out to be that way (they are not going to win another game this year), they would take Luck, the Rams would either trade out or take Blackmon, and the Colts will select Claiborne/RGIII or trade out. Kalil falling is looking more and more feasible

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