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Nationals land Gio Gonzalez

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Derek Norris, Brad Peacock, AJ Cole, and Tom Milone to the A's for Gio Gonzalez.

People are saying the Nats got fuged here and hurt their future, but the ONLY guy I'm really upset we moved was AJ Cole because he has true #1 potential.. but even then he's still 3+ years away from the majors. Brad Peacock and Tom Milone are okay but they have low ceilings(#3 guy is the best case scenario for them, more likely is a reliever role). Derek Norris is good and has a decently high ceiling as a hitter, but he's blocked by Ramos.

On the other hand, I do agree with most that Gio is being overrated because he's one of the only guys available and played in a pitchers park, but he is so much better than the guys we've been using recently. He will be our #3 and will significantly improve the team IMMEDIATELY.

So stoked about this trade, any other Nats fans on this board? I feel like we can compete for a wild card. Our pitching is still behind the Phillies and probably behind the Braves, but we won 80 games this year with Detwiler, Livan, Gorzellani, Marquis, etc starting a lot of games. I can easily see a 5-10 game improvement with Strasburg back(even on an innings limit) and a healthy Zimmerman.

Who knows, if Werth remembers how to play baseball we could be even better.

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