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Senators @ Canes

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Tie game at the start of the second. The team seems to be playing well enough.

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    • LOL. Well neither do you man- you're haphazardly speculating at best. I have vastly more evidence that Pryor would not be the starter and Mike Adams would First off: Mike Adams is better.  Second: Clearly the Panthers wanted Adams, probably going to start the guy they wanted.  Third: Mike Adams is a veteran presence just like the last successful guy to start at SS was for us: Harper: who would still be here if he had any gas left in the tank. The front office and coaches loved that veteran leadership he provided. Harper was starting games he had no business too- because our coaches loved how he positively helped our team. Guess who that replacement veteran leader is: Mike Adams.  Four: Calvin Pryor has been so bad the Jets are willing to give him up for "anything" and drafted safeties with their first and second round picks. That does not sound like the kind of guy that's out beating a consecutive Pro Bowl player.  Five: We already have a project safety on our team: Tre Boston   If you give up anything Pryor you have no idea how negotiations work in the first place. Jet's have no leverage here. Pryor is likely getting cut. 
    • blah blah blah our best WR who averages a 1,000 yards per season is a fat him A.S.A.P.! Swole Bones is going be a future HOF TE...just give him one more year to develop? huddle logic :)