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Senators @ Canes

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Tie game at the start of the second. The team seems to be playing well enough.

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    • Lol you can keep your hot bean water. I love myself.  Jk some of the best coffee I ever had was fresh stuff in El Salvador a few years ago. Black with not even a grain of sugar or drop of cream and the stuff was amazing.
    • VERY impressive. This was 6 months work last year, intermittent fasting and getting after it with a friend of mine, she's ruthless

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    • My worry isn't coming off the bench vs starting, it is Clifford playing him PERIOD. Clifford is absolutely terrible about giving young guys the burn they need to develop. Even when you had guys like Bismack looking like they were on the verge of figuring things out and averaging some great numbers per minute, Clifford wouldn't know what to do with them. Granted we haven't always had the best of young or rookie talent around here but NOTHING Cliff has done in his time here tells me he knows WTF to do with a player that isn't a 5 year vet. And seriously.. nothing against the MAN, he seems like a great person, but I'm 1000% done with the MKG experiment. He has taken up a roster spot long enough. Ill take someone that plays 3/4 of his defense and can actually put the ball in the bucket once in a while. Or, ya know, get the other team to play A LITTLE defense on them. His presence has gotten the idiot gm to overlook several FAR BETTER prospects over the years just because we don't want to admit he is a total BUST for where he was drafted. WAY TOOO MUCH EGO is wrapped up between the front office and MKG and its choking the life out of this franchise at times.