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25 example of everyday evil

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Yep...we've got some qualifiers...

1) Anonymously emailing death threats.

2) Suing someone who did nothing wrong in order to try to collect a big payday.

3) Passing on information that you know is a lie about a political opponent.

4) Posting someone's phone number or address online in an effort to intimidate him or worse yet, in hopes that someone will try to hurt him.

5) Putting an earmark in a bill in order to enrich your friends, family, or yourself.

6) A witty comedian telling a brilliant joke about how dumb people are to do the right thing.

7) Breaking into a house and encouraging people to engage in squatting.

8) Lying to a woman to get her to sleep with you.

9) Being an online troll.

10) Trying to convince people to do something that's immoral, unethical, or just plain old wrong so that you'll feel better about doing it yourself.

11) Spreading a conspiracy theory you don't believe in to draw in traffic for your website.

12) Spraying graffiti on someone else's property.

13) Watching someone drop money on the ground and keeping it instead of giving it back to him.

14) A pastor who waters down his Christian beliefs because they conflict with political correctness.

15) Hacking into someone else's computer.

16) Choosing not to help pay for your own children's livelihood.

17) Spreading malicious rumors about friends and co-workers.

18) Aborting your child because it's inconvenient.

19) Deliberately undermining someone else's marriage.

20) Trying to rig an election, win a seat in the courts that you lost at the ballot box, or trying to insure phony votes are counted.

21) An atheist trying to ruin other people's faith in God to make himself feel better about his own unbelief.

22) Writing a virus that infects someone's computer.

23) Living off the charity of others or the government dole AND feeling no shame over it.

24) Mocking someone whose politics you disagree with right after he dies.

25) Knowingly accusing an innocent person of racism.

I will add

26) Someone that doesn't sign his tender so we have something to talk about on a football forum.

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19) Deliberately undermining someone else's marriage.

john hawkins makes a career out of this, and then puts it on his list? i guess confessing you're evil is the first step...

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Wow! Seems to be a lot of computer evil going on.. I can't believe murder didn't make the list.

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i'm posting this list at 4chan, maybe internet trolls will have an interest.

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#21 states that an atheist attempts to ruin someone else's faith and make themselves feel better about their own lack of faith.


Now that you have thought about that statement for a bit, does it make even the least bit of sense?

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Also, I personally love partaking in #24.

I can't wait till Ted Kennedy kicks off. It's going to be a hoot!

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