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The Official "Who's watching the games?" Game Thread II

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So far, every home team has won. That bodes well for the Packers.

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Pretty much everyone can throw against the Pack but they usually pay with picks too.

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    • The KB hate is ridiculous. Blaming him for hogging targets that should have gone to Ginn? First of all, Ginn had more receptions and yards in 2016 than 2015. Sure he went down in TDs, but I'd expect KB to always have more TDs. Second, how do people forget that in his first game back from ACL that he was our best offensive weapon against the vaunted Denver D? We scored 20 (should have been 23) points against Denver with KB and 10 in the SB without and our offense was actually -5 based on turnovers.

      It gets tiring to see the revisionist history trying to blame KB for our offensive drop because he was a target hog.

      I'll throw out that if KB played in the SB we would have won. In 3 games against Denver Cotchery and Ginn had 7 receptions for 96 yards and caused an INT/muffed a huge pass before the step sack for a TD, regardless of replay officials. In 1 game against Denver KB had 6 receptions for 91 yards and a TD.

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    • I take that back! Less than 5 minutes later, per ESPN: The Hurricanes have acquired right handed defenseman Trevor Van Riemsdyk for the Las Vegas Golden Nights. The return has yet to be announced.
    • He plays taller then he his though with a wingspan similar to Justin Jackson or other players at the 6-8 range.