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  1. there were some good times during the Larry/Zo era but my goodness this franchise has been awful since it came back to Charlotte
  2. 1 yr 3 mil….what did the Panthers offer….Hornets shares or something???
  3. Still a bunch of time until draft day. No need to show our hand. Losing DJ is a bummer but it had to be done. Must have a franchise QB or nothing else matters
  4. Hopefully they will take the better of the two but…it’s the Panthers so I worry
  5. Easy….if the QB the Panthers pick balls out then the trade looks outstanding….if they suck then we are screwed. I’m guessing the Bears will have a top 10 or better pick next year via us in an even better QB class.
  6. Let’s see…. 2 1’s and 200 mil guaranteed for an MVP QB with injury hx =probably in the playoffs the next 5 years. 2 1’s + more draft capital but on a rookie contract for a rookie QB that may be a bust with no playoff guarantee. I don’t like either option
  7. A used Carr….no warranty….buy at your own risk
  8. This is the dollar store offer to the Bears
  9. This franchise loves those meaningless moral victory type games that screw up draft position. We are stuck in purgatory like the Hornets…but they are even worse.
  10. It is a money making machine. Now they add Mamoa…the women will be out in force
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