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  1. When you have a terrible QB and Head coach the team is going nowhere. Rock bottom baby.
  2. 4-5 wins...enough to screw up getting a top 3 pick
  3. Panthers may be the only team that would draft one of these QBs and we don’t have a pick lol Whats the longest it has ever taken a QB to be selected in any draft?
  4. Smarter move sitting this QB class out and tanking for next years crop.
  5. I’d be ok with giving Sam a try....he has to change his first name since Darnold ruined the Sam name
  6. Not a fan of Baker but I guess it depends on what they give up. If they do it please don’t give him a giant new contract before he ever takes a snap in a Panthers uniform.
  7. Not worth giving up future picks imo but if someone wants crabman do it
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