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  1. I can’t imagine how helpless he must feel as a father watching your young child face a health crisis like he is.
  2. It’s like buying an extended car warranty on a hunk of junk.
  3. I assume that’s all for Cam. Mac may start right away in NE.
  4. Dumb pick by a dumb team. We may very well lose more games next year than this year. Darnold is not the savior lol
  5. What is....get me the fug outta Green Bay lol
  6. I said THEY must be sold on Darnold to trade back. I think they are crazy to think Darnold is the answer so IMO they should draft a falling QB (not Mac) if they are there at 8 for security. If they only QB left by 8 is Mac then draft BPA.
  7. They must be sold on Darnold if they are willing to trade down if one of the QBs are there at 8. IMO you have to take the falling QB for security.
  8. Watch them do it and snag a QB for the next decade. They would do it just to screw us lol.
  9. So nobody wants him since they want him to find a trade lol
  10. I wished he had come to that conclusion before he was signed. We could be talking Sunshine right now.
  11. Shitty day x2....once you add this trade and UNC going with Hubert Davis.
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