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  1. So nobody wants him since they want him to find a trade lol
  2. I wished he had come to that conclusion before he was signed. We could be talking Sunshine right now.
  3. Shitty day x2....once you add this trade and UNC going with Hubert Davis.
  4. With Ball out no point now. Ride it out and get another good pick.
  5. Houston screwed up by not trading him before this hit. I couldn’t imagine if we traded the house for him and then this hit.
  6. The $500 is just preliminary stuff to get the case in court. The damages would be much much higher if found guilty.
  7. Dang...with all these women coming forward he is starting to hit Harvey Weinstein Level. He may very well be done when it comes to the NFL and sitting in jail soon. This is crazy. He goes from being the most sought after QB in the league to not in the league.
  8. Given today’s climate I can’t figure out why anyone would put everything at risk to get a massage. Going into a room with just the female where you strip down and she will be touching you. It can go sideways way to easily. I’m thinking a whole bunch of pro athletes are currently taking stock. My guess is more guys will start getting blamed real soon.
  9. Mercy...9 women now. Next think you know they will find out he is the Zodiac killer
  10. Turn out the lights...the party’s over
  11. 6 women coming forward now. Does not look good at all for him. He is in big trouble now and it may get worse.
  12. Really though...who flies in a “massage therapist” from Atlanta to Houston???
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