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  1. I wasn’t a fan of trading up but I didn’t think Young would look this bad. I was told he was a cerebral assassin and was advanced in the playbook beyond his years….lies…lies. We have been sold snake oil.
  2. It’s bad…we all know it’s bad but are in different stages of coping. Denial - he will be just fine Anger - the fug is going on Bargaining - if we get him weapons/better coaching he will be better. Depression - why can’t they make things work Acceptance - we just gonna keep on sucking
  3. The way the offense looked 0/17. The trade for Young will go down as maybe the biggest blunder for a franchise in NFL history possibly surpassing the Herschel trade. Chicago may very well end up with the #1 pick due to our ineptitude of an owner/gm.
  4. David Tepper. Charlotte has a new worst owner in pro sports. No way to get rid of him since he has so much money unless he ends up in a scandal.
  5. Disappearing is what he does best. 40 mil for David Copperfield.
  6. He has not shown anything promising at all. When your biggest compliment is you know how to throw the ball away…it’s bad….very bad.
  7. Chicago may very well have picks 1 and 2…getting their choice of Williams or Maye along with Harrison Jr or trading the other pick for even more draft capital. Wonder if we could trade up to 2 lol
  8. At this point they have to try and trade Burns and Brown for draft picks. Can’t pay them crazy money for a poo show team.
  9. What was the stat….anytime we are down in the 4th we have lost like 51 straight games.
  10. Young may very well be the worst #1 QB pick ever if he keeps this up.
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