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  1. Trade for 3 2nd rd picks and a salary dump incoming lol
  2. I think I’m pulling for Ingram tonight for the Hornets pick.
  3. UK 2 guys in the top 8 but lost in the 1st rd.
  4. AAU ruined it. Kids overseas play team ball for years. Spurs loading up
  5. Never heard of the guy. I would have went Buzelis or Klingon
  6. HHH has done a nice job. The transition to netflix and being uncensored will be interesting.
  7. I think I’d go Knect unless the French guy falls
  8. Zero excitement on my end. Last season I had a glimmer of hope Bryce would be entertaining even in losing but he was terrible. This season I suppose has a little hope but I’ve been beat down by the Tepper years.
  9. Who you got in this draft?
  10. I was dead wrong on wanting Scoot over Miller so I’ll sit this one out lol
  11. Ah yes the anniversary of Tepper screwing the pooch
  12. 49ers came out to For Whom the Bell Tolls…..no doubt pulling for them!
  13. 99% of the time I’m like no way he can do that. But 1 year wonder, that nobody else wanted, got Baker in the playoffs in a shitty NFC South.
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