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The TrueGrit

Yankees pitching weakness???

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No more.


Yankees quickly turn pitching weakness into strength

Yanks trade for Michael Pineda, the 6-foot-7 leviathan whose fastball sits at 95 mph, tops out closer to 100 and looks a whole lot like a right-handed CC Sabathia. Minutes later, the Yankees paid $10 million so Hiroki Kuroda would put off returning to Japan for another year. And gone are all the concerns about a starting rotation.



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Dude....Kuroda fuging SUCKS....

No he doesn't. He's nothing special, but as a #3/#4 you can do a lot worse.

The Pineda trade is good for both teams IMO. No clear winner. Pineda IMO is a bit overrated(I can't see him as a legit #1 ace like some say he can be) as well as Montero. Mariners are loaded with up & coming pitchers and almost no power bats.

Both teams definitely improved.

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When you look at the staff as a whole, both are great acquisitions. Not Philles great but good enough to put them over the top along with their batting lineup.

depends on how you define "over the top"

personally, as the biggest yankees hater you'll meet, I think they are the best team in the AL(and probably were last year, but everyone knows the MLB champion is never the best, just the hottest team at the time). thing is, you have to knowledge that the team is getting old and the heart of that team is starting to show some serious decline.

I was honestly surprised they traded Montero because they're going to need some bats sooner rather than later.

I want the Nationals(my team) to find a way to get Brett Gardner though. is there any chance he is traded?

Nationals have a ridiculous farm(despite what some of the baseball world thinks, they did NOT gut their farm in the Gio Gonzalez trade.. it's still a top 5 farm in baseball) and we desperately need a CFer, and I've always been a huge fan of Gardner. I was thinking maybe Anthony Rendon(3B) when he's trade eligible and some relief pitching for Gardner. Yankees have to start thinking of ARods replacement.

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Wait ....so the Yankees signed two guys that combined for a total of 5 wins over their last 24 starts and their starting rotation problems are gone?


Both of those guys would most likely be coming out of the bullpen for the Phillies.

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