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Coach of the Year?

NFL Coach of the Year  

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  1. 1. NFL Coach of the Year

    • Mike Smith
    • Tony Sparano
    • Tom Coughlin
    • Jeff Fisher
    • John Fox
    • Jim Harbaugh
    • Ken Whisenhunt
    • Bill Belichick
    • Mike Tomlin
    • Other

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natty    555

I think it's Smith hands down. While a huge part of Atlanta's success is due to Ryan, Smith made all the right choices cleaning house.

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Murph    520

Fox will have to draw serious consideration if we win our last two.


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MadHatter    9,513

Smith has done a great job. But Sporano is on the verge of taking a 1 win team last year to this year's playoffs.

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Fireball77    0

Yeah for me, it's between Sparano and Smith as well. Sure Parcells is a big part of the whole thing in Mia, BUT...you can't penalize Sparano for that since he is the one who has to put the plan into effect. Do you really think that Parcells is the reason that a guy who has done basically nothing the whole time he has been a Dolphin (Joey Porter) is tearing it up this year? No, that's coaching...putting guys in the position to succeed. Also look at the Cowboys' OL without Sparano as thier coach vs the Fins OL with Sparano there. It's obvious he is a difference maker. Both HCs are in the playoff hunt in competitive divisions after their teams having horrible records under other coaches last year, but IMO the Fins have had a bigger turnaround by a SLIGHT margin. Couldn't get too het up if the vote went the other way though, they are both deserving.

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Bam. Everyone expected the Dolphins and everyone (besides Falcons fans) thought the Falcons would be possibly 0-16.


what did they expect from the dolphins????

i am a gigantic dolphin fan and i realistically thought about 6 wins would be nice....

no one expected anything from the dolphins.....the dolphins had the #1 overall pick last year remember? the lions were better then us....we got killed by the bengals the last game of the year last year...we brought in a throw away from the jets (pennington) with a supposed "noodle arm" and lined up with starting wide recievers named "ginn, camarillo, hagan, and now brandon london...........who?????

our tightend? career back up to jason witten, anthony fasano.....

our starting nose guard??? jason ferguson....who the cowboys gave to us for a 7th round pick....akin ayodele is our starting inside linebacker....yeah whata stud :rolleyes:

we trade jason taylor.....we CUT.....YES CUT...zach thomas....

oh and our safetys are yerimiah bell and ronaldo hill....


no one expected ANYTHING from the dolphins this year....not me...not anyone....

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Skew    39

I think he means that everyone knew that the fins, with Parcells in the house, were going to be better than 1-15. Many said the falcons were going to be the 1-15 team of '08.

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88 Bronco    1,303

Mike Smith changed the entire mentality of a franchise in one off-season. I can't think of anyone on this board that didn't laugh at the few Falcon fans who claimed they would be good this year.

The Dolphins have made an awesome turn around, but I saw them the same way I see the Lions right now, a couple simple changes and they can be a good team. If Parcels wasn't the GM, it would be a lot easier to give Sparano the nod over Smith.

Jim Harbaugh deserves honorable mention, but the Ravens improvement still isn't as amazing as Miami's or Atlanta's.

Ken Whisenhunt's team won the NFC West by default.

Bill Belichick has done good with Cassel, but I think David Carr could win 9 games on that team.

Jon Fox made a gutsy call to suspend Smith. Fortunately, Smith is not a premadonna WR. The Panthers are healthy and performing like they were expected to in 2004, 2005...

Mike Tomilin took over a SB team and has kept them competitive during his tenure

Jeff Fisher doesn't deserve it after not kicking a 40-something yard field considering Bironis has made a 60 yarder this year.

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