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Who are your Non-Playoff teams of this season that make it next season and vice versa

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Yes, obviously, there's the draft and Free Agency yet to go before next season, but as it stands right now, which teams that did not make it to the playoffs this season will make it next season?

Top of the list would be the Panthers for me. The Panthers were a very dynamic team at the end of the season as they started to gel and come together.

I think the Chiefs have a good chance as well, assuming their injured stars come back 100%. They also benefit from being in a bad division. Add the Chargers to that group, as well.

Should Manning come back healthy, it only makes sense that they should be in the mix.

Teams that made it this season that I think will not make it next season...

Top of the list is the Broncos for me.

With Pittsburgh getting rid of their OC and going back to "Steelers football," I don't know if they will be back next seson with Cincinnati moving up over them.

With the Panthers getting stronger, I don't see 3 NFCSouth teams making it, so rule out the Falcons (but who knows?)


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off the top of the noggin:


Kansas City - Weak division and they were the most banged up team in the league this year. I don't know why but I really like that team. I just don't see San Diego improving much this offseason and they're falling apart as it is.

Eagles - After just slapping a bunch of big names on the roster, they now have a season of playing together. They'll improve.


Denver - obvious

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moving forward:

i see the bengals owning the AFCN next year.

bears...maybe. i know you're excited about tice being the OC and them moving back to their particular natural brand of football, but i just don't know if it can make them relevant anymore. i don't see them moving backward. they will just depend on having their defense control the game. if that happens then they will win most games. if they get down by a couple TDs, forget about it.

the colts, if manning comes back and is healthy they will get back into the playoffs. beyond that i'd just expect for the colts to do better than last year. the bar isn't set particularly high.

the chiefs, chargers, and raiders should all do better than the broncos next year.

i think the rams become the most improved team next year. i don't see them doing better than the 49ers, but i see them making the turnaround that the lions did this year.

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In the AFC, agree that Pitt will probably be out. They are going to have a lot of turnover on the defensive side of the ball. Jets will rebound and get back in. Same with San Diego. Denver is out due to the continuing drama/distraction that will plague their QB position as long as The Golden Calf of Bristol is there.

In the NFC, Panthers in if, and only if, they are aggressive in fixing the defensive side of the team. Eagles make it to keep Andy around. Atlanta out and working on coaching interviews this time next year.

This is a surprisingly tough exercise without seeing what teams do in FA and the draft. Too much changes between now and September.

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A lot can happen in the offseason but the teams that I dont think will make them next years that did this year are:

Denver, Cincy, Atl.

Replace them with Car, Oak and either SD/NYJ or Titans

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I'm not quite ready to pronounce Carolina as a playoff team just yet. We still have a ton of work to do defensively and we are looking up at two very good teams in our division.

I do think we will catch Atlanta next year (should have had them in the 2nd game this year) but we've got some work to do to get on New Orleans' level.

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