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Kitten Diver

Went into the office building restroom to do my morning business...

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to find that someone had blown it up! You know like when fat people get their splatter on the rim just under the seat. I think I know the culprit...a supersized UPS delivery guy with bad skin from eating fast food 3 times a day. Had to go to the building across the parking lot and get looked at strangely because of one lazy fat fug.

fug you.

you dirty white trash fug.

take your dirty poo at the 7/11 like your fellow fat fugs.




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My last office was filled with some fat fugs. They always made it smell awful. They'd leave the seat filthy too. I don't even know how that is possible. How do you miss the big fuging hole in the middle of the toilet and get anything on the seat? I'm pretty sure I could hover over the toilet in the dark and still miss the seat entirely.

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