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Just met Mike Minter!!!

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I am a student at Liberty University and we introduced are recruiting class and our coaching staff today. Mike Minter was introduced as our special teams coach and after the introductions and fan questions there was a meet and greet session.

I talked to him about the Panthers Super Bowl Season, his career at the Panthers, the future for Panthers football and Liberty football, and of course about Cam.

He is a very humble guy and very funny also.

I just thought I would share this little story

Also met...

Head Coach: Turner Gill

Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line: Dennis Wagner

Co-Offensive Coordinator/Tight Ends: Aaron Stamn

Assistant Coach/Quarterbacks: Joe Dailey

Assistant Coach/Running Backs: Jamaal Fobbs

Assistant Coach/Wide Receivers: Juan Taylor

Defensive Coordinator/Safety's: Robert Wimberly

Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers: Carl Torbush

Co-Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line: Vantz Singletary

Recruiting Coordinator/Cornerbacks: Marshall Roberts

Special Teams Coordinator: Mike Minter

Defensive Quality Control: Josh Bookbinder

Offensive Quality Control: Adam Morris

Assistant A.D. for Football Administration: Paul Rutigliano

Fun night to say the least.

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Awesome man!

Mike Minter is everything an athelete, a man, and a role model should me and more.

I met him at Fort Bragg and was lucky enough to get a picture with him and an autographed big picture of him in his uniform.

I went out to eat later that night and he was at the same resturant as me, and I made sure to acknowledge him.

THEN I saw him at the game the next day signing autographs and I yelled "MIKE YOU THE MAN!" He kinda made a "Ugh---ok weido?" face, but I was excited.

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Not sure I understand?

Mike "after dinner" Minter was one of Chris Berman's nicknames he used when Mike made a play during NFL Primetime.

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