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Prosecuted Christians?

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The people interupting weren't elected officials. And if it were...they would've been democrats as you see the presiding senator looking in the direction of the democrats side of the aisle.

These are probably just someone in the balcony who had his "The End is Near" placard taken away.

elected fundies are guilty of way dumber poo so forgive me for assuming that this was just another in a long line of displays of their retardation

also why exactly is it relevant that they "would've been democrats" considering i can name several democratic representatives off the top of my head who allow their stupid religious views to shape their social policy votes

christianity is prevalent among both parties and if you'll notice, the democratic gay liberal marxist muslim kenyan black panther america elected in 2008 isn't exactly an LGBT advocate, thanks to his religious views

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I'd prefer if the christians were actually prosecuted.

I'd bet you'd prefer jews to be as well right?

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No Jewish person has ever tried to force their superstition on me.

Correct me if Im wrong but isnt Judaism a religion for the Jews(race) alone? Why would they market to you if youre not allowed? The religions you hear from are the ones that you can actually join, you should feel included really.

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