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Custom Jerseys question...

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anybody know when these will go on sale anywhere? I should've bought one when they were on sale on the Canes site before Christmas.

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KillerKat, don't buy any jersey from the NHL. I made that mistake a year ago, I wanted to get one as a graduation gift for my friend. He's really short, wears a size SMALL, so I ordered it from the Canes/NHL online store and thank God I checked it before I planned to give it to him because the numbers and letters were plastic, just ironed on. It looked so cheap... it was disgusting. I thought that if I ordered straight from the league store that I would be getting top quality, but instead I got the worst looking trash I've ever seen. Obviously, I sent it back and surprisingly I got a refund without argument.

Instead, I found a company who customizes jerseys on Ebay and ordered one from them through their site. The letters/numbers were tackle-twill like the players wear and were custom made for the jersey by someone who cared about their reputation. The cost was actually a few dollars cheaper than that of the NHL site at the time. I'll see if I can find their site for you... I actually got two more jerseys from them, since.

OK, the company is CoolHockey and they are having a sale right now. $109 for the Replica jersey OR $259 for Authentic + $29 for customization. Good deal.

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