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Be Thankful

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It's times like these that we should be thankful that we have a class act in JR who knows how to run a clean program. I know he gets flack sometimes because he caters to the NFL logo but the man has done a nice job with the Panthers. Sure we had Carruth and the steroids in 03 but those weren't issues that infiltrated or were caused by the organization.

Look at the entire NFC South right now. We are easily in the best position and we aren't a corrupt and vile organization like the candyasses in NO. Atlanta will be our toughest competition with JJ and Roddy but even still Matt Ryan has peaked, they are about to hit a wall as a franchise.

The Buccaneers? Who cares

As for us? We've got a coach that won't take anything but the best from his team and unlike Fox this guy will build a strong defense and offense that is capable in all facets of the game. We were a few bullshit calls away from winning another 2-3 games. Keep in mind this was a team with a new coaching staff and hardly any off season. Our staff is going to get the potential out of this team that we have all talked about for so long.

We've got Cam, who if he keeps working can basically make our offense unstoppable. We're going to have a great TE core, Steve Smith is still one of the best and we have a returning group of WR's with a lot of potential. Defensively we're getting some star players back. We are going to get what we need in FA and the draft and we will be a great team next year.

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Swag, and if they weren't they would be off his face...

Edit > Image > Flip Horizontal

Don't rotate them 180 degrees ;)

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