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Is it just me

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Or have the Nascar races become painfully boring to anyone else?

I remember IROC races back in the late 70's, and todays racing seems the same to me. All the same cars, but just different paint jobs.

If it were not for TIVO, I might not watch any race. I even think the announcers try to come up with stuff to hold the audience. "you know this won't be the last caution", "the question is, will they have enough fuel to make it", etc.

If I had Nascar stock, I would have sold it two years ago, (if there were such a thing). I think they have gone to new venues with cookie cutter tracks and ruined the sport.

You can't tell me that the race this past Sunday would have held a candle to a race at North Wilkesboro. Way more action at NW, but Nascar was after money, and I think it will bite them in the rear very soon.

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Watch the first 50 laps and the last 50 that is all you need to do.

Honestely havent followed Nascar closely for the past 5 years. When they finally decide to race again I will.

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When N A S C A R left their roots for the corporate fans.

I knew they were on a slow downward slide.

The Race fans and tracks of the south built NASCAR

Corporate America closed those tracks and took NASCAR west to cities that could give a Rat's arse!

Meanwhile middle America fans are priced out of live events

Then Frances JR starts monkeying with all the rules and runs off droves of fans

At least someone with some brains turned Daytona back to Daytona racing

Corporate fans are on board as long as their bottom line looks good

Southern fans were on board regardless untill NASCAR priced them out in favor of corporate $$$

Who gives a crap if NASCAR falls on their face

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Its gotten pretty bad.....all the 1.5 mile tracks....like the same race over, and over, and over...Miss tracks like The Rock, North Wilkesboro, and others. The cars are excactly the same, just different stickers.

Use to love watching races, now with all this and DW annoying commentary, i can take it or leave it.....That and having it on 4 differerent networks......

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I watched NASCAR a fair amount from the early 90's to about 2004 or so... the corporate, greedy sponsor driven mentality and the championship mentality gradually ruined it. They took races away from the good tracks and sent them to cookie-cutter tracks that are boring to watch... I'm sure they lost a lot of casual fans like me. I haven't watched a whole race in probably nearly 10 years.... hell in the past 5 years, I haven't really watched any NASCAR racing...

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when they start adding killsaws and hammers on the track like the battlebots arena i'll start watching again

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