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I've got the ring and I am proposing.

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Man, this is really a possibility.

And it would be amazing.

Thanks for all the advice. I may be messaging you again soon when the plans get closer. I plan on doing it the week after easter, so it is getting close.

Thanks a lot man.

Glad to help ;)

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congrats! proposing is nerve-wracking as hell, especially if you're planning something big. but it's more fun that way :D

marriage is hard as hell even when you're perfect for each other. human beings are human beings and at our core we are self-centered. if you both strive to be absolutely selfless every day your marriage will be awesome.

and remember that no matter how attractive your girl is, there will always be some other girl who is hotter... chasing after them is fool's gold because you'll ultimately never be satisfied. stick with what ya got.

good luck!

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how so? Obviously it works perfect for us..It may not work for everyone..but to keep some money separate is smart

I take care of bills..I let him know what I need..he transfers money to me..and I transfer money to him sometimes...I like to know how much money I'm working with..one debit card is all that's associated with my account..no one else spends on it..I know exactly what I have at all times..why is that bad?

oh wait..you're not married..what the hell do you know...come back to me after a few years

you know what bruce...I take back any advice I obviously don't know what I'm talking about, I am only just a woman...good luck and god speed.

Fwiw, I agree with you. My wife and I have seperate accounts, and it definitely works best for us. But I would say that each situation is different and every couple should do it in the way that works best for them.

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We always stay at the Market Pavillion Hotel. It is right downtown on Market Street.

It is a little pricey, but the rooms and service are incredible.

They also have a fantastic rooftop bar that overlooks the Battery.

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