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Matthias' Mock (Final Take)

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Alright, here’s my last mock draft. It will also include my prediction for next year’s first round pick. Enjoy!

1st Round

Morris Claiborne


College: LSU

Position: Corner

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 188

The best corner prospect may indeed fall right into our hands at the 9th overall pick. Claiborne has the skills to come in and start right from camp, which is probably not too difficult a task here in Carolina. (No offense Munnerlyn aka the Capt.) Morris improved on his game this past collegiate season, and he looks to further improve as he steps into the big leagues.

2nd Round

Harrison Smith


College: Notre Dame

Position: Safety

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 213

I wasn’t too high on Harrison at first, but through the following weeks, he began to grow on me. I’ve been looking at his stats, highlights, and combine to come to the conclusion he will be a great pro safety. He has the strength to mess RBs up at the line of scrimmage, yet has the overall speed to cover down the field. He is overall, a true safety. I would plug him in as our SS, and move Godfrey back to FS. (Godfrey is not really a great run support type safety) Hehe, I guess some would say he could be our version of John Lynch, but I don’t want to make such a statement. It’s really lazy on the eyes because we wouldn’t make that statement if Harrison was black. So what famous black safety could we liken him to? Is Ronnie Lott too extreme?

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I like it a lot. I think we could get someone a bit better than Good in the 5th round. I could understand taking Burfict if he is available in the 7th round but would rather it be used on another OL. Cant argue with it though.

Good mock.

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If this was possible I'd cream myself.

Then again it's not. But here's to high hopes!

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I love this draft, but I doubt it will happen.

1. Claiborne dropping to us is on the low end of the percentage scale.

2. Crick in the 4th? I sincerely doubt that. 3rd maybe, but we don't have one of those.

3.Vontaze pick made me giggle. Because he probably will be there in the 7th round.

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H.Smith is garbage! This is coming from someone from his hometown. He even goes to my church when he's in town.

Nice kid, just a huuuuuge reach in 2nd.

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Can't fathom either Crick or Quick falling that far, but I'd love that draft.

Try saying Crick/Quick five times fast! :D

Yeah, overall I guess I do have a couple of guys falling, especially Claiborne, yet it could happen. Some have said Jeff Fueller was thinking about becoming a tight end, and I thought that was pretty interesting. If he goes undrafted, bringing him in as a tight end would be something. All in all, I can't wait to see who the Panthers pick up.

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Great job... if claiborne falls to us wow that would be perfet. if not maybe trade down and grab j jenkins. i think hes got huge potential with rivera as his coach. Quick is nice...i say we go earlier and ****** him up.

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