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Greg Williams On Steve Smith

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New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Are you familiar with the troubles that the Saints have had with Steve Smith?

“Yeah I am, and I’ve had the same issues too. It’s not like this is the first time I’ve gone against those guys. He’s an unbelievable football player. I wanted to draft him when I was the head coach of the Bills but obviously he came off the board before I had a chance to do that. In fact, his receiver coach in college was my receiver coach at the Buffalo Bills. I knew him inside and out but we couldn’t convince our personnel people to move him up the list to take him sooner. Our receiver coach up there and I wanted him a lot sooner than he was taken by anybody in the league, but he had a couple of health issues coming out. But he’s an unbelievable football player. He does things that obviously you can’t coach. He’s in a system where they’re going to do two or three things that we haven’t even seen on film where they’re going to try to scheme a big play to him. They try to walk down the path with them. Last week they did it; last week they threw one of those plays where they acted like they were going to run it and then they threw it to him on a short hitch, he nods and he goes right on by them. They do a lot of things like that. He’s so explosive. The thing that I think he does is the best is that for a little guy, when the ball goes up in the air, he plays like a 6-10 center; he goes and gets it.
What you have to do is to turn his little body over so that when he does get it, he lands on his head and he doesn’t come back in for a while.

Seriously, screw this guy. So glad he's out of the league.

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The fact he didn't understand was the harder you hit Smith and the dirtier you play him the better he gets. The best thing you can do with Smith is leave him the fug alone.

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i googled that bold quote and all that came up was this thread... ?


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He has learned over the year, that the harder you hit Steve Smith, the more he enjoys it. Jumps right, spins the ball and talks some trash. Can't take him out.

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