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Jerry Reese Needs To Go Away!

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Attorney Jerry Reese has filed yet another lawsuit against the Charlotte Knights' plans to build a stadium in uptown Charlotte.

Reese says that the $38 million project is unfair to local taxpayers.

Mecklenburg County and the Knights are both listed as defendants on the suit.

A judge dismissed Reese's first lawsuit against the knights in 2007.

Charlotte will NEVER support a MLB team! They barely support the Bobcats! You would think by now that he'd get that through his thick skull! :angry: The majority of people want baseball back to Charlotte. He should be more concerned that when it does come back to Charlotte, we will see the same prices that the TWC Arena and BofA Stadium charge. Right now, Knights Stadium is a good cheap source of entertainment!

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If you said North Carolina would NEVER hoist the Stanley Cup 20 years ago, you would have sounded sane. To say we will NEVER support MLB after being named the fastest growing city/state in the country, hosting the DNC, and having the 6th busiest airport in the world, you sound ignorant.

Suuure, let´s bash the man that has literally saved Charlotte, to this point, from permanently being branded along the likes of Lehigh Valley, Toledo, Pawtuckett, Rochester, etc., and sit back and watch while MLB cities like Cincinnati lose their companies to us, while they continue to support MLB.

Charlotte led the NBA in attendance for a decade, had a respectful attendance mark this year despite the worst team in NBA history with an awful nickname, and was actually a hot ticket and great atmosphere the one and only time they did make the playoffs (swept by the Magic). Not to mention the Carolinas are a huge baseball hotbed and, again, we are the fastest growing city/region in this country.

Go Jerry Go!!! A Knights Stadium with public funds with no plans to expand to MLB standards is beyond stupid, and is totally contradictory to what Charlotte has always stood for.

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    • I have to apologize to @TheRed , not for what I have said, but most certainly how I have said it. He was right that this isn't how I normally post and my passion for the subject matter got the best of me and left me with the just the worst. I should have said, "Please, you have obviously got an informed opinion and a desire to get the best out of this country we share, so don't pass up on your opportunity to cast a ballot. It doesn't have to be for every race, but find someone or something you can get behind and put your votes there." One single vote may not matter in a presidential, or even gubernatorial, election, but don't let that turn you into thinking the voter doesn't matter. Look, act and vote local -- these are the races that have the most impact on your life and where you have the most impact, too. A change at the local level does reverberate up the ladder, it is how all great movements start. I won't get on you or anyone else about not voting again, but please, in exchange, could you just commit to casting a ballot next time your local elections roll along? You are full of smart ideas and are passionate about a number of issues, don't let that go to waste. You might very well actually improve things. And Lord, we sure do need that, don't we? Once again, my apologies to @TheRed and @NanuqoftheNorth for going above and beyond in calling you out. You deserve a better shake than I gave you.
    • I wouldn't say he made him look bad, just expendable (and overpaid).
    • Good let them. Will just allow other good players to drop to us in round 2-4

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