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Aside From Qb, What Positions Are Lowest In Priority?

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Probably....Hardy is weak against the run and average as a pass rusher. That white kid made more noise than hardy.

CJ misses any time....potential worst DL in the league

yeah some of the people on here missed the last game vs the saints. there was no pass rush, from nobody.

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As I remember it Charles Johnson was banged up at the end of the year. Three of our DTs were on IR (lol). Beason, Davis, and about 3 other linebackers were on IR. I don't think Captain played that game. It was like Gamble, Butler, and Hogan getting PT. You had guys like Keiser and Applewhite rushing Brees and his Pro Bowl riddled offensive line.

You do have a point. I wouldn't blame GHardy but we have no rotation guys behind him. The Giants had Osi, JPP, and Tuck last year. Now thats a rotation.

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    • Right, but you missed this: He didn't struggle in 2015, before the knee injury. It clearly hampered him, but anyone who did well against Hargreaves and the Florida secondary (3 other guys looking like 1st-3rd rounders this year) and well against the OSU secondary in 2015 is work a look. He's still nothing like Funchess other than going to Michigan. You are just betting on him returning to 2015 form and if you are betting, you aren't paying anything close to what we paid for Funchess.
    • I guess. But the only reason this Tweet is getting any "exposure" is because we have a bunch of silly fans making it more than it is. I see it simply as "The KB option date is looming. No one's mentioned it yet. I'm going to ask GMan in the presser today". And....that's pretty much what happened until we blew it out of proportion and starting reading into it too much.