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Winning At Goodwill Part 2 ($800 Pair Of Jeans)

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The jeans are hand painted

Found a brand new pair of Evisu jeans and a brand new Steve and Barrys Tennessee Vol college jacket they sell for $150 new





here is a link to Ebay of Evisu jeans for sale I might put a buy it now for $400


The jacket might sell $75




Found a huge Dale Jr collection last week of nascar stuff as well and my fav still is my TMNT sword


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No I'm no knocking it, it just amazes me what people throw out.

Those jeans are hideous though. I hope u plan on selling those to some moron instead of wearing them.

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Once upon a time there was a real connoisseur of jeans, Hidehiko Yamane – as expert and demanding as only certain Japanese “otaku” can be. He soon realized that quality denim, the original, was impossible to find on the market. During one of his trips looking for vintage pieces, he came across a 1950s American loom capable of weaving forty metres of a “selvedge” denim a day. Yamane had an idea: why not make exceptional jeans for connoisseurs like himself? So the Evisu adventure began. He originally called his jeans Evis, after the Buddhist god of prosperity, and they were made in Osaka from pure American cotton. He personally painted his famous seagull logo on each article, a long and expensive process that only produced a dozen jeans a day.

"Rolls Royce of Jeans", the EVISU brand was founded in 1991 in Osaka, Japan by Hidehiko Yamane.

Yamane-san was trained as a tailor and his love for vintage jeans

Plan on selling these ASAP I'm going to do a BIN for $450 free shipping

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