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Ivan The Awesome

The Future Of One Jimmy Clausen.

Clausens Future.  

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  1. 1. What should happen to Clausen?

    • Trade him for whatever we can get!
    • Just cut him, he doesn't have any trade value.
    • Other. (Explanation)

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I remember I was working that one April day, I had my cell phone on me and I was streaming the NFL draft. When I heard the news about Clausen being picked up. At first I wasn't too excited. Then I figured we'd found a serviceable QB.

Fast forward to the season, Matt Moore was looking better and better. But just couldn't seal the deal. Initiating that horrible show that most of us dreaded watching each and every week of that 2010 season. Yet there I was, hoping for a win. I got lucky and got to attend the only two winning games that season. Bitter sweet to be honest.

I was left with some really uneasy impression of Clausen. I wasn't hard on the guy for the season, it was a circus and he was in the middle of it, although I knew in the back of my mind that I was thinking, he's not the answer.

Jump a year ahead, We pick up Cam, the rest is history. Sweet deal.

Things aren't done yet. Clausen, is still in a panthers roster. He's still on this team. I don't hate the guy. Heck, he gave us Cam. I'd never be able to hate the guy. Is having him on the roster really necessary? Let's think about it for a second. He can't run this offense. Derek Anderson signed another contract and is the only guy I'd trust at this moment to run the offense in case, god forbid, something happens to Cam. Let's hope that never happens. Anyway, Clausen is just there... Idle. Not doing anything. What can be done with him?

Cut him, you save some cash. Not sure on the specifics, but I was reading somewhere around the 1.1 million range. Save a million! That's the natural response right? Yes.

Trade him? Some of you would have some witty remark about a bag of chips and a 12 pack of beer after suggesting such a thing. But what if he can get traded? What would he garner and would any of you mind a low round draft choice? Lets not put it out of the realm of possibility. Goodson was just shipped out, could happen.

He was picked in the second round. About the only things he has going for him are that he's young and.. He's young, I honestly believe in the right system he can be serviceable. The question is, where? Who would be the right team?

Miami? Cleveland? Arizona?

Would any team be willing to part ways with a player or draft choice? If so what player or what round?

Can Jimmy produce a 5th, 6th, or 7th round pick? I think he can.

I certainly hope Marty Hurney explores all the options, even though they are limited, before cutting him.

Bottom line is, Clausen has to go. He's wasting a roster spot that could potentially be filled by a person that will contribute to this team.

Adios, Jimmy.

I know, the off season is rather slow..Hah.

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I say we get Erin to text him and tell him the baby is his just to fug with him. :)

That made me lol for real. You made my night man. XD

do everything you can to make him look good in the preseason and then trade him

I agree. The other thing that I believe helped his stock somewhat was, he threw at the ND pro day. I saw some tape of it and I have to say he made Floyd look good and vice versa. Clausen was just thrown into a bad situation. He has the talent, but he's not going to show it here. It's that simple. Dream scenario would be that Miami picks up Michael Floyd and then he's shipped to Miami for a draft pick.

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He is not worth the lettering on the back of his jersey. In this NFL, serviceable won't cut it anymore. Gone are the days when a Dilfer or a Brad Johnson could go out and NOT LOSE a super bowl. With the trend toward elite athletes at the QB position, Clausen will never be the answer. He's not even potential career backup material because it's kind of like choosing a VP, you've got to think about "what if he becomes the starter?". What GM is going to look at his pro career and get that warm fuzzy feeling. The guy has no future in the NFL. He needs to go coach high school football and teach PE. That's about the biggest contribution he can make to the game.

If Hurney wants to try and get a 6th or 7th rounder for him, best of luck. My thinking is just cut him and try to forget it ever happened in the first place.

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No knock on the guy as a person, but I can't imagine he's worth anything we pay him to stay on the roster... as Husker said, trade him for literally anything another team will give us... a project player, a 7th round pick, whatever...

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Put him out there and see if there's any interest.... with that being said also give him as much game time as possible in the preseason to stand out.

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  1. Other: Football is a business. Many have said it before I. He's young and learing. I'm sure with the pressure off of him he's grown as a player. Keep him around, let him play in the preseason. Get some intrest in the guy. If he garners it then good we have an option to move him. If he blows his chance to be seen well then you consider cutting him. I mean come on. Cut him now to save a million. Who we gonna pick up (FA) with that million saved.

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