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Fanaticalfootballfiend.com's Write-Ups On Our Picks

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panther4life linked this site in the draft forum back in February, thought I'd collect the comments on the guys we took in one thread. I don't know what the site's credentials are, but everything I've read there so far I pretty much agree with except their opinion on Washington's trade up for RG3. I think the Market Value/Fiendish Value means where they think the player will be drafted and the value of where they should be picked based on future production. All the individual player write-ups were from before the draft.

Round 1: Luke Kuechly

Market Value: 1st, Fiendish Value: 1st

Beast!! Luke Kuechly's Core Strength isn't amazing, and he's not the fastest guy on the planet, but he boasts an absolutely mesmerizing fusion of Fluidity, outstanding Lateral Agility, tremendous Diagnostic Acuity, and utterly phenomenal Processing Speed.

I am confident that he's going to be a very effective Pass Defender ~ he commands sharp Verticity, too ~ and as a Run Defender he is a One Man Swarm.

Round 2: Amini Silatolu

Market Value: 2nd, Fiendish Value: 1st

Beast!! Amini Silatolu comes from a small School, and struggles with the raw Mechanics, as one would expect of him, particularly as he'll be kicking inside from O Tackle.

But his aggregate Skill Set is intensely intriguing: excellent Core Strength meets a truly intoxicating fusion of Fluidity, Lateral Agility, and Range.

There is true All Pro Potential, here. Sleeper!!

Round 4: Frank Alexander

No write-up.

Round 4: Joe Adams

Market Value: 3-4th, Fiendish Value: 2nd

Starter!! Joe Adams is a tiny Zoomer who displays the Release issues ~ getting out of the Blocks ~ that you would expect. And he plants too many FootBalls.

Even so, I like the kid. He brings a lot of Fluidity, and a lot of Verticity and Torsion out'f'is Breaks.

One is always going to be concerned about his durability, but he's pretty tough, and many his size are forging long, succesfull careers.

I seriously doubt that his Market Value isn't about to rocket up into the 2nd Round at the Combine, but for now, I would definitely call him a bargain: Sleeper!!

Round 5: Josh Norman

Market Value: 4-5th, Fiendish Value: 1-2nd

Stud Horse!! Josh Norman is pretty raw, but he offers outstanding Verticity, Fluidity and Core Strength, and his Processing Speed is very impressive, as well!!

There's genuine All Pro Potential, here. Sleeper!!

Round 6: Brad Nortman

No write-ups on Punters or Kickers

Round 7: DJ Campbell

Only 6 Safeties got write-ups, obviously Campbell wasn't one of them.

Comments on the Panthers draft class:

Carolina Panthers ~ A-!!

1 ~ MF Luke Kuechly, even at #11, was an excellent move.

2 ~ And OG Amini Silatolu, even at #40, was a great move.

3 ~ And CB Josh Norman at #143 was a Steal.

editors note: The site uses terminology like Mid Fielder for ILB and Split Ends for WRs and Flankers for OLBs. That's why Kuechly has MF beside his name, it doesn't mean Mother fuger.

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I assumed it was mother fugger as well. It seem like an alright write up. Nothing better for the next 3 months.

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Wow, Using the word Beast has lost it's meaning. Everyone whores that word around. Not saying that the players we drafted aren't beasts but the over usage of the word just...uh, kills the meaning.

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hey guys THESAURUS i just THESAURUS thought i should THESAURUS say that THESAURUS i just used a THESAURUS

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