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Huddle Champions League needs new commish

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Looking for volunteers to manage the Huddle Champions mega league this year. I can purchase the league and run everything through my paypal account but a recent career change means that I do not have the time to set up the divisions, manage the drafting, communicating with owners, recruit 48 owners, et cetera, et cetera.

Anyone interested in carrying on the tradition let me know. Would like to have at least three commissioners or even four (one for each conference).


Find, maintain and collect $20 entry fee from 48 owners committed to playing the entire season.

Fine tune rules from last year.

Monitor draft(s), answer questions, fix problems.

Monitor FA period each week, police any suspicious movement.

Keep communication channeled through Huddle Fantasy Land site.

Again, I'd be available to help but I'm signing on once or twice a week now compared to once or twice every 30 minutes.

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I might could help out but my job sucks in terms of demand on my time....I can't commit to full time but perhaps have a lesser role?

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this is a perfect example of why I would fail if I tried this again. I just saw some of you sucker....err....I mean volunteers step up.

I've run it the past two years through myfantasyleague.com because it has been the only site that I know of that allows "Mega" leagues. This league is essentially four different leagues that end their season early enough to have the top qualifiers playoff against the best from the other divisions.

Here is the homepage for last year. http://football16.myfantasyleague.com/2008/home/49168 . You would have till Wednesday to buy a league ($160) with the early bird discount. There is still plenty of time after that, just costs an extra $20.

The first step is to start a thread and keep track of how many guys you have ready , willing , and able ($20) to play. I'd say if you get 20-30 guys than we move ahead and buy the league, betting that we fill the slots.

I'll help with finances/paypal/etc. but I have no time to organize or tweak the league rules like we talked about last year. CarPanFan96, since you were the first to unconditionally raise your hand you are more than willing to take it over and get a couple of guys to help you. Of course I will too ... as much as I can. I'll shoot you the password for the commish and you can check it out

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Thread started, I'll need 2 maybe 3 people with the time to help out with running the league.

I wasn't a sucker....... I'm bored and it seems like something that could kill a lot of time.

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the sucker comment was a joke cpf, it is quite a bit of work so your volunteer efforts should be appreciated by everyone.

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