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Plaxico Burress Was On Nfl Radio And The Topic Of The Panthers Came Up

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Welcome to NC...shoot away!

Yea you can shoot yourself in the leg here and people just give you funny looks

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Before he shot himself, I had Plaxico in a fantasy league.

He did good.

Let's sign him.

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Adam Shein and Rich Gannon were interviewing him as he is a free agent. They were discussing how things were going and whether or not he has had any discussions with teams. Adam and Gannon had several minutes prior to this discussed with a call-in fan that the Panthers didn't really address the 2nd wide receiver spot and they were not that high on LaFell or Gettis and thought Adams was more of a returner than a receiver.

So you can see where this is headed, another one of those threads........

Anyway they discussed Miami, and Oakland and then Adam mentioned Carolina and how that would be a great fit. We could use a big physical receiver across from Smith. Plaxico said he hadn't had any discussions with Hurney but did say that Cam was a friend and he talked to him frequently. He was extremely complementary about our offense and said he would love to play here. He noted that Smitty was one of his favorite players and he loved the way he played and how tough he was. He even said he had family down this way and that we were an up and coming franchise.

They asked him if GMs would be scared off by his record and the whole gun issue in New York and of course he said that he couldn't change the past but had learned from it and hadn't been in trouble since.

So yeah I am going to ask the question?? Would he be worth signing to a vet minimum contract with incentives on a 2 year deal?? He had 8 Tds last year and had 600 yards. He would be a great insurance piece if a receiver went down and at 6'5" and 235 is still a match-up nightmare for teams.

Best of all North Carolina has such relaxed gun laws he wouldn't have even been charged here. I think for a minimum contract given he is 34, it would be well worth the risk.

What say you??????

Oh my God...Why do we pretend we live in a perfect world...this man went to jail for two reason. One has to do with the ridiculous strick gun laws in NY and second is, Mike Bloomberg feeling the pressure from the media gave in.

This is a the same city where a woman knew she had a gun on her and wanted to go to the top of the Empire State Building turned it in and still got arrested. And it happened more than once.

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We let NaNa walk, which opened the door for Lafell to be #2. It is up to him to keep it. If he can, that puts Gettis and the rest fighting for playing time. If we brought in a fellow Spartan, I would not be upset. Burress has always had great hands, an innate ability to time his jump, knows how to get open, and has matured into a great teammate.

For the right price. He would be a great addition. You need talent, Burress still has talent. It really is that simple and plain. Add in the fact that the D will be improved, which should take some pressure off the O. Bringing in Burress very well could help your O stay on schedule. Which in turn helps the D.

So bringing in Burress not only helps the O, but the D as well. Sounds like a no brainer to me. But then again, I have been married for over 20 years, I ain't sure my brain actually works any more.

Or at least that is what I am trying to say. And GOOOOOOOO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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