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Deangelo Williams Is Overpaid & Washed Up

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2011 RB stats...

G/GS, YPC, YPR, F/FL, touches per TD, 1st down %

Jn Stewart: 16//3 5.4 8.8 1/0 37.8 33.1

Ari. Foster: 13/13 4.4 11.6 5/3 27.6 20.9

D Williams: 16/14 5.4 8.4 0/0 24.4 20.6

Matt Forte: 12/12 4.9 9.4 2/2 63.8 19.7

A Peterson: 12/12 4.7 7.7 1/1 17.4 23.6

Les McCoy: 15/15 4.8 6.6 1/1 16.1 30.8

C. Johnson: 16/16 4.0 7.3 3/1 79.8 17.9

Just because DeAngelo is 29 & didn't put up 1,500yd & 15td in '11 doesn't mean he's overpaid or washed up. Nor does it mean he is no longer an elite RB. Several other RB's had much bigger numbers last year, but they also had a much heavier work load. DeAngelo's averages are as good as any RB in the league. Having Cam & Stewart prevents D Will from having to be a work horse back.

If you feel DeAngelo was over paid that is your opinion & perfectly fine. But if you try to argue DeAngelo is on the decline & no longer an elite RB you are out of your mind. He is still one of the most effective backs in the NFL.

IMO he was worth every penny. It shows loyalty to our players & D Will is a terrific representation of our team off the field. He is a great guy. On the field he is an elite RB. Everyone says backs are done at 30; the backs you are referencing have 2,000-3,000 carries at that point. DeAngelo hasn't even cracked 1,000. DeAngelo has the wear of a 26yo back & has plenty left in the tank. Hurney & Richardson know what they are doing.

DeAngelo Williams is a key piece to the most dynamic & explosive offense in the NFL. He is also a great teammate, a model representation of our team, & he loves the fans.


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Umm.......................... please explain.

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Jesus, really?

He's saying that Williams graded out very favorably last season despite being tagged as "overpaid" and "washed up" by a lot of people.

He's not saying Williams is actually overpaid and washed up.

Read. Then post.

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This is a continuation of the discussion in the Lesean McCoy contract thread and really didn't need it's own thread. I'm on the Deangelo side of the argument, but you can't cherry pick stats and use them for an argument. McCoy had a better year last year, that's not really arguable. I still think Deangelo is the better RB and what I use to make that argument is my belief that if last year Deangelo was an Eagle and McCoy was a Panther Deangelo's stats woulda been better than McCoy's were last year and McCoy's stats would have been less than Deangelo's were last year. There's never been and never will be any kind of hard evidence to definitively prove one way or the other in these arguments, it's all opinion.

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I hate these guessing games.

Arian Foster

DeAngelo Williams

Matt Forte

Adrian Peterson

LeSean McCoy

Chris Johnson

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