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ESPN selects Cam Newton's 2010 college season

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We needed an entire subforum for white people to vent about Vick and call him a "thug" to feel good inside. Nothing but threads taking joy in Vick's fall and legal troubles. They needed that. There's no white athlete or QB we can say that about in huddle history now is there?

If people thought about their actions and the repercussions beforehand we wouldnt have so many people denying their bigotry and ignorance.

Now that we see people doing it to Cam, we want to act like we don't understand it.

Not a whole forum, but many people take pleasure in the Saints* troubles. The white HC, white GM, white DC and white QB of the Saints* have (deservedly) received plenty of hate on this board. Look, Vick was a crappy dude. What he did was morally wrong and embarassing to his team and the league. His dogfighting, along with trying to sneak weed onto a plane in a water bottle, and giving some chick herpes under the name Ron Mexico, all make him a douche. You wanted the Panthers to sign him a few years ago because it's all about race with you, and thank God they didn't. They did end up drafting a great player, and by all accounts a great person in Cam, and thank God they did. I root for the Panthers because I'm from South Carolina, live in North Carolina and have love for this whole region. I don't care the tiniest bit about the skin color of the owner, the coach, the quarterback or anybody else. If you can't enjoy being a sports fan without seeing racial conflict in every game, every draft pick, every free agent signing and every franchise branding decision, I feel bad for you. Just root for the team to win. Root for all the guys on your team, regardless of what they look like. Enjoy the game with your fellow fans, without obsessing over their race. I'm going to block you now, because you diminish my enjoyment of the best message board there is for my favorite NFL team. But I hope you'll someday get past your issues with race, and find a way to enjoy sports (and the rest of life) as a normal person.

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I call being a lame ass with too much free time on your hands. If you had a life you wouldnt have time to worry about the Saints***.

But you have time to worry about what random internet people think of random sports figures?

Its the pot calling... oh wait I forgot who I'm talking to. Its the slut calling the hooker a *****.

The only reason you care about Chuck Norris and Jerry Richardson is the color of their skin. If they were arabic muslims, you wouldnt have Chuck in your avy and you wouldnt pull for Jerry's team.

You're right. I tend to pull for the Persian Muslims.

You have an orange Thundercats logo as your avatar. You have room to talk?

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